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Are the Bucs an old team....

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well they have 38 under 30 so with a another draft and a really active FA we can be set to do big things for years with some good new players and transform into one of the youngest and talented in the league.

    Its so bright around here I need sun for a nice 7 game win streak to get us a headstart into next year ;)

lets not forget.. gruden got the RIGHT mix of players in oakland when he got cap room..

He will do the same here

I count up to 15 names that can/should be replaced. 7 to 10 draft picks plus 5/7 FA's and a better schedule, voila, a winning season.

Boid Fink:
The Bucs will be a much younger team next year no doubt.

No more senior citizen discounts at MCDonalds for our team.

The Bucs are already one of the youngest teams in the league.  With another draft, free agency and retirements they will be even younger.


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