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Hey, I have an idea. Why don't all of you with nothing but praise to sing about Gruden start a fan-club for him. You can call it Grudens Granduer.

The idea that we would or should have nothing to complain about with Gruden, IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!! Do you not have eyes, ears, ... a brain? Sure, we may disagree that should/should not be fired, but to demand that we all see Gruden as a great coach unitill the end of time is a FREAKING Joke.

Furthermore, to  say, "you are the only one not to support Gruden" is a major lie, and also assumes that all of us want to fir right in like a bunch a jack-ass lemmings! Gimme a break!

I care not that others disagree. But those who try to censor or stop my thoughts can kiss my rosy-red-ass!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

In reply to your innacurate hair splitting.. My only observation is that Gruden's players both in Oakland and in Tampa got sick of him. Deny it all you want, but you know it's true.  Certainly, you never here players saying what a great coach he is.

He needs to stay right here and continue rebuilding this team.


If Gruden became available he'd be snapped up in mere moments.

I actually think Gruden would do well in Arizona.

There's a number of places where Gruden could end up about a week after he was fired. Arizona jump right out at you considering the mess Denny Green has made up there. If Parcells leaves, you could easily see Gruden and Jerry Jones co-existing. Jeff Fischer fired? No problem, Titans hire Gruden. Del Rio el gono, hire Gruden. Etc. etc.

What's he rebuilding?  I think Gruden finds it a lot more difficult finding a job than what many of you think.

From:    garfy4321     12:08 pm
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gruden is a failure in tampa, and he would be a failure for the eagles.

We would have a team with players under arrest, no offense and salary cap issues.

From:    bodybaggame     12:09 pm
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What the hell has Gruden done since the Super Bowl?

Look at the players he's drafted. He is 3-7 and should have been 2-8. You think Simms would have made a big difference?

He supposed to be an offensive genius but his offense has blown for the last few years.

It seems everyone on that board doesn't think Gruden would be such a good fit for the Eagles.

he ain't going anywhere ... calm guru.  Just cause in your "expert" football knowledge you don't think Gruden is worth a penny, that doesn't mean the rest of the NFL agrees.


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