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This team needs an OC

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I know I'll get bashed for even suggesting this, cause Gruden is an offensive genius, but I really think it time they get an offensive coordinator.  Someone else should call the plays.   The 4th quarter is the worst, because that is when Gruden's playcalling seems to go out the window.

He would never go for it. Too much ego.

wtf are you talking about!? our defense lost this game for us. grudens sorry offense as you think of it scored us 24 points. what more do you want? our defense and special teams needs to seal the deal to win the games.

His playcalling wasn't perfect, but he called a good enough game to win. Especially considering the situaiton this offense was in coming in.

Defense sucked. Special teams added the icing to the crappy cake.

Our defense needs to freaking tackle


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