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S Donte Nicholson
C Nick Mihlhauser
DT¬  Darrell Campbell (PS)

Dan Buenning

CB Carlos Hendricks (PS)

Surprising that we signed another Center instead of a solid Guard, or promoting Clinkscale.¬  Looks like we plan to roll with Mahan at Guard the rest of the year.¬  RIP Grads and Caddy.

Donte Nicholson welcome back.

I am glad Donte Nicholson is back, he was the 2nd ranked SS on last years draft and the first off the board.  this kid can lay a serious lick in the mould of John Lynch.

Based on what I've seen on Mihlhauser, I expect he projects to OG rather than OC, but you never know.

It is shame the Bucs lost Jackson. 

Too bad we didn't keep Fonoti over Terry. 


--- Quote from: naplesbuc on November 27, 2006, 12:22:59 PM ---Too bad we didn't keep Fonoti over Terry.

--- End quote ---
Exactly- he has played well for Miami


--- Quote from: DanTurksGhost on November 27, 2006, 12:20:22 PM ---Based on what I've seen on Mihlhauser, I expect he projects to OG rather than OC, but you never know.

--- End quote ---

That might be the case. ¬†He's small like Mahan, though. ¬†Pro day results we a bit slow (5.29/5.34 40) and weak (16 lifts).  Sounds like a perfect Muir guy.

Fonoti over Terry? HAHAHAHAHAHA

I am not inside the facility so all I can say is what I see in preseason and hear from the PR guys but Terry is better then Mahan.  I believe that starting Mahan over Terry has more to do with preparing Mahan for his move to C and giving him extra game time than it does with his ability to play guard.  Maybe the Bucs feel that putting Mahan at C and benching Wade would cause wade's value to drop.  Or Maybe they don't trust a line with both Terry and Mahan in.

That's pretty convoluted thinking.  All I know is Mahan sucks at guard so I assume Terry is worse.  I think Mahan is weaker than Wade too so I don't see him at C either.


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