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Are you ready for the latest anti-Gruden theory?

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I was speaking just a few minutes ago with a fan who is anti-Gruden and wants him fired. He made the claim that Gruden is using I.R. to save his job. He was pissed about Buenning and says that placing 5 starters on injured reserve, several of them under questionable circumstances, allows Gruden to represent to the Glazers that he was a victim of circumstances this year and they should keep him on for at least another season.

I tried to tell this guy that Gruden's job was and has been safe for 2007, but he was in no mind to listen.

That's a bold point to claim that someone's job is safe Mr. Glazer?  And talk about excuses, who on this team is between the ages of 26-31??  Don't 25 & 32 year olds know how to win as well?


--- Quote from: BucsGuru on November 27, 2006, 02:13:15 PM ---And talk about excuses, who on this team is between the ages of 26-31??

--- End quote ---

Well, according to you, there are "many" offensive players drafted under Gruden in the 26-31 prime football age range. That is, if by many you mean "one".

I don't know what the Glazers have in mind, but from my point of view (I own a business now and have run large corporate offices before) the first thing to ask is, what was the plan when they hired him? We know that Parcells turned down the job because his financial adviser told him the Bucs were headed straight into Cap Hell. Not being of the stupid homo sapiens variety, the Glazers must have known that too, and they must have had a long-term plan when they hired him. At the very least, part of that plan would have involved keeping the team afloat as much as possible during the Cap Rehab period. I think Gruden's done pretty good at that, don't you? The next part of the plan would have to be, see how well he does once Cap Hell is escaped. Well, from all reports the Bucs are going to escape Cap Hell this coming season, so we have to wait and see what he does with a potentially upgradeed squad.
Fire him now? No. That would be a grotesquely stupid thing to do.
Unless they have a professional version of Urban Meyer waiting in the wings, which I sincerely doubt. 

If gruden gets canned, he should become RAINBOW MUMMY


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