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Bryant Johnson a buc in 2007

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This guy should be a target for the Bucs this offseason. His contract is up, signed in July of 2003 to a 4 year deal. He was a first round pick out of Penn State and has been pushed down to the 3rd WR role with the emergence of Boldin and Fitzgerald. I doubt they bring him back or that he would want to go back. IMHO he has some serious upside, good size, speed, hands and would be much more potent than Clayton (not saying much). If you are interested in a some offensive help via FA I think this guy should def be on the radar. Keep this guy in mind...

What do you guys think? We have the cap room to spend and if we need a difference maker and Johnson has some nice attributes and I think would fit in well here. Just a thought.

I would hope the FO focuses on a premier DE in FA....the only one being Freeney. Grab him if they can for whatever the cost. It all starts and ends on the defensive line this off-season and draft.

KOB I agree with you, we def need DL help over anything else. It would be ncie though I think if we could get this kid though, even though not a priority it could be a good move IMHO. I have seen this guy play and he has a nice game, just needs to get on the field more, plus he has something to prove after being pushed down on the depth chart by Boldin and Fitzgerald (rightfully so).

He is ok but I don't think he is really all that great (as a Penn State fan).

He isn't bad, but he isn't great either.

sure if he's cheap.


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