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Grads "fumble"

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Am I crazy? When they showed the replay of the Grads fumble it looked to me like he threw a shovel pass that wasn't particularly near a target.  I thought I was going to see the challenge flag, but that didn't happen.  Obviously Grads didn't lobby for it because if he told Gruden he threw a shovel pass I have to think Gruden would have challenged. 

I don't know maybe when you just shovel the ball to nobody in particular that counts as a fumble?  I don't know.  Did anybody else see the same thing I did?

I think he was about to lob it to Caddy who was in the flat, but not sure on that

I was a little crazy too, but there was no throwing motion.  He got hit from behind and lost the ball.

He got hit from behind and lost it.

It looked like he was going to shovel it but got hit before his arm moved forward, call was correct.

Call was correct. Deff a fumble.

He was definitely going to check down to Cadillac but I don't think it was going to be a shovel pass.  he just held it too long on that play.

That was a play where two rookies each made a mistake.

I definitely saw a shovel pass and was so out of it, I didn't realize the significance of it til later.  It was a shovel and if we look at the tape, we'll see someone I believe it was Caddy standing close by that he was trying to get it to.  Caddy was turned to him during the move...

Wether the intent was to shovel or not, if we had got that call I think it would have been extremely poor officiating. We are all homers so of course we would like to think that was the case, but look at it from the perspective that if it was Drew Brees, would you have been so certain then?


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