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Bucs N Beers:
Tampa loses and some crappy teams win. Updated records are as follows:

Oakland 2-10
Detroit 2-10
*Airzona 3-9
Tampa Bay 3-9
*Houston 4-8
*Cleveland 4-8

*Won today

The way I have it, if we picked today we'd pick 4th. However, IMO, I think it's very possible we move higher. Picking #1 overall is actually not out of the question either.

yep you are right on. Cleveland will beat us at Cleveland, Atlanta appears to still be showing some fight, the seahawks will be playing for the playoffs, the bears will kill us (you think today was bad)...There may be one win in there but no more than one.

3-13 boys!

cant wait for all this to be over

ronde bear:
Joe Thomas here we come

OAK and DET were so close today, too.  I was really pulling for them.


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