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"Stellar" QB Performances Around the League Today....

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Bruce was bad today but look at these numbers!

Brad Johnson - 11/26 - 73 Yards - 4 INT

Rex Grossman - 6/19 - 34 Yards - 3 INT

David Carr - 7/14 - 32 Yards - 0 INT

No TDs by any of these guys....

Brad is getting old but what's the excuse for the other two?
And Chicago hopes to go to a SB with Grossman? Fans are
calling for Griese. Grossman has 14 interceptions in his last 7
games. Now that's gross!

Grossman is terrible.

If you watched that Bears-Vikings game, you'd have seen some pretty lousy QB play. I like Brad, but he made a couple of ridiculous mental mistakes out there.

Was this thread an effort to cheer readers up???  The stats did make me laugh bc they are sooo terrible, so thanks for the effort.  LOL.

Not meant to cheer. It's just amazing to me to see those numbers. They're not my teams so I
don't care emotionally.

I'd say this is one of the lowest points for QB talent in the NFL in a long time.

Now that is interesting naplesbuc.  Seems the league has done everything in its' power to enable qbs to be successful.  The qb hitting rules and defensive back contact limitation are all intended to help the offense.  Create more offense score more points and more fans will watch right?

Well the defense has to be successful as well - so what do they do - since you can touch a wide out they will rush the passer to prevent an accurate pass from being thrown, or if the ball is caught they will attempt to separate the receiver from the ball (or his head if possible). 

End product - what we see now is not parity in my very humble opinion - it is generally mediocrity.  The "best" are just that but everyone else has huge ups and downs in performance.  Parity is a poor idea, but ending up mdeiocrity makes it all worse.  JMHO.

PS the distance between poor (like Grad's production at this point) and good (like little Manning) is very little.  For all those biting at Grads, consider where the bucs would be if the wrs on this team could catch the damn ball like .... David Boston, or some other player with hands and willingness to make a play.  JMHO.

If you just look at how bad Cutler has played tonight you have to understand that Gradkowski has overachieved for what should be his expectations. 

Grads has done ok for a rookie but I'd still like to see progress.


--- Quote from: BuccinA on December 03, 2006, 11:21:57 PM ---Grads has done ok for a rookie but I'd still like to see progress.

--- End quote ---

Imo Bruce has lost some of the pocket presence and game management ability he displayed in the first few games.  He is taking more sacks.  He is forcing more throws.

I still don't think his lack of arm strength disqualifies him but he has to do everything else well.  In his defense, his supporting cast has let him down at the worst time.


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