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Practice Squad

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: December 07, 2006, 04:27:43 AM

Hey dudes, this is my last Post of the year...here are my final thoughts:

Now, for 07. I am very excited to see what moves our FO will make to ressurect the Buccaneers into Greatness. Myself am excited about the growth of Bruce Gradkowski; however, I wouldn't mind the FO making a move to bring Jeff Garcia in to be the Starter of the 07 Season and keeping Simms as a Back up and Bruce as a 3RD for developmental purposes. I believe Bruce is going to develop into greatness, It's been a rollercoaster ride with him both exciting and also frustrating, yet he has shown trememndous poise and flashes of awesomeness. I can't believe the negativity most of you have displayed here towards Bruce. My expectations for the Bucs to be a major player in the offseason are very high. I want to see aggressiveness from our FO. I want to see Quality Veteran players brought in, I want to see Rice traded. I want to see Becht Gone! I want to see a Giant Beast brought in to reinforce our O Line. I want to see a young Beast Stud Defensive player drafted.  A speedy "Joey Rocket Jr" drafted. I want to see us make moves to bring Lance Briggs or Adalius Thomas in Pewter. I want 1 more year of A -Train Action!

Dudes, I'm behind Gruden and Allen 100%. Granted there is no denying this has been a horrible season, the worst I've seen; however, the Bucs are going to ressurect in 07, and I have faith that we will regain our elite form and be once again that force that teams around the league cringed upon.

Hugh, Scott & Jim-  Thanks for always being aggressive in bringing us updates and the best inside coverage. You guys have made a huge difference on how I spend my season as a Buc Fan. It's been a great ride spending this season with Pewter Report. Enjoy the Holidays and see you next year!

To you Buc Fans, it's been great spending this season with you. Reading some of yours bickering and banter, others reading your smart input, and others reading your whining. It's been all fun...really. So, please have a Blessed, Safe and an Amazing Holiday. Merry Christmas and enjoy the welcoming of the New Year.


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