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Confirming What We Already Know - Grads is not ready...



--- Quote from: JasonOfthetower on December 04, 2006, 08:50:19 AM ---Gruden is definitely responsible for this lost season - simply because the team did not do enough to address the backup QB position.

--- End quote ---

We started the season with Simms, McCown, Rattay, Fiedler and Gradkowski. Obviously, that didn't work out, but I'm not sure we could have done much more with the cap limitations we were under. Next year I expect things to be different.

I know the pinheads on here are going on about how "Gradkowski sucks, he'll never be good, etc.". Those folks have the football IQ of a French Nun.

However, what we are seeing is what I think Gruden now sees. The kid does have a future in this league - but not yet. He was far from ready when he was thrusted into the starting role. He needed at least three years of warming his behind on the bench, ala Tony Romo, before starting. He needed a few training camps, a few years of how to prepare to be a QB in the NFL. A few good pre-seasons. What we are seeing is a kid that has some tools - but is like a babe in the woods right now. He's lost. He's teammates have given up and aren't helping him. Others are trying to do too much and making making mistakes for it (see Caddy).

I understand a lot of fans are in FIRE EVERYBODY mode. With a travesty of a season as this, its expected. However, I don't think its time to cut Grads and let Simms hit the highway. I think its time to sit Grads down. Put him back to the #3 slot, where he belongs right now, and give the ball to McCown or Rattay. They won't do much better but we have 4 meaningless games to get through. Let's sit the kid down and let him see from the sidelines for awhile what it takes to be an NFL QB. At least Lienart, Vince Young, and Cutler had a chance to sit for 7 or 8 weeks. Poor Grads was thrust into the league in wk 4.

Gruden is definitely responsible for this lost season - simply because the team did not do enough to address the backup QB position. They had no insurance policy if Simms struggled or was hurt (and considering Simms history for injury, it should have been imperative we found another Griese type to back up).

Grads just isn't ready. Maybe in a few years he'll get another shot and become a Romo-type story.

For today and 2007, he's not the answer.

I posted this elsewhere:
IMO, Grads is not ready to start in the NFL.  I think he will make an outstanding backup next year.  When I see Grads, I feel that in 3 years he has the potential to be Hasselbeck.  However at this point I'm not sure if that's Tim Hasselbaeck or Matt Hasselbeck.  Hopefully he will be the latter.  In the meantime, we need a new QB, or need to be prepared to continue losing.


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