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Boid Fink:

--- Quote from: DanTurksGhost on December 04, 2006, 06:47:15 PM ---

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No wonder Warner goes to Church so much...

THere aren't a lot of good choices out there.  Overpay for Simms and have him come back to compete for the job?  We know he has no upside in the Gruden offense.  Gradkowski is not ready for primetime and may never be.  McCown? 

No knight in shining armor is going to ride into town.


he'd be dead by the 2nd wek!

The Raiders drafting a QB in the first round as long as Al Davis is alive is slim.


--- Quote from: naplesbuc on December 04, 2006, 02:01:51 PM ---Chances are the Raiders will have the top pick and take Quinn.  Another rookie next year means more losing.  Of any of the potential rookies I'd take Troy Smith because he will adapt to the pro game the quickest.

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I see the Raider taking Smith before Quinn ... Smith fits their MO more than Quinn does - I'd pass on both

ronde bear:
Warner has never played ina WCO


not only does he not fit the offense but does anyone really want to see his Wife on TV every week?

Couldn't agree with you more naples.


--- Quote ---we are in trouble, one of the best options imo is Plummer, better than Warner
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i agree with that


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