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karen anderson:
A zillion thanks! We may argue but we don't take kindly to people attacking our own.

Boid Fink:
Thanks for recognizing an invaluable member of the Bucs fan club (kronic...yeah right!)...

This isn't a private club, it is a priviledge to post with guys, even Bucsguru, like yourselves, and I love reading your takes on things, even if I disagree, or digress.

There is nothing wrong with arguing, IMO, because it is the basis for learning at times, but that dude was just a troll at the best, and the sad thing was he was a "Buc" fan...yeah.  He had serious issues, and I am pleased his arrogant, non-functional posts are being weeded out.

This place is good, both the red board, the Cove, the ticket exchange, the PI, it is all good.  

Thanks for the pleasure you have provided me over the months that have gone by.  This is a great MB, very tolerant, and very open to discussions.  

Go Bucs!

"Agree to disagree" has never been made more sense in this place!

Good stuff.

AOL does suck in that people can hide behind it.

I still think the best way to deal with this guys and otehrs is to not pay his posts/threads any attention.  

He was banned and will continue to get banned if he keeps re-registering. I sincerely hope this person remembers that we are reporters, and we know how to track people down. This message board forum allows us to track people by their I.P. addresses as well as through other things. Internet Service providers like AOL take complaints from businesses like ours very seriously when it comes to nonsense like this. They've gone as far as cancelling members' services without a refund before. I hope this person takes our warning seriously. Otherwise, we'll focus our efforts on making sure this person doesn't have a way of getting on the Internet through his current Internet provider.

karen anderson:
SR/JF are both on & fandango is gone.

I think it takes more time to report him than ignore him.

Why can't any of you do that?

karen anderson:

--- Quote from: Fandango on December 05, 2006, 11:04:43 PM ---somebody mention to JF that he didn't research the situation or talk to me (TheChronic) the please tell him.............good freaking luck.........he screwed the pooch.

--- End quote ---
Reported again.

Because you are letting him

karen anderson:
He's messing up our boards.



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