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: December 11, 2006, 10:05:05 AM

QB:  For the most part Gradkowski was managing and leading the team on drives.  He was not making big plays but enough to keep the chains moving.  Personally I could care less if he was only passing to the backs as long as the Bucs were generating first downs and scoring points.  With that said Gradkowski made a mistake on a play action to Galloway as he should have turned his head sooner to see that Galloway was triple covered (probably Atlanta's goal in the game).  He also made a mistake as he admitted in holding the ball a little to long on that fumble but Davis was simple beat like a drum.  And that deep pass to Galloway he put too much mustered on it.

Rattay did not suprise me with what he did as he always looks good in real game situations (I have to admit though it was against a prevent D).  But since he is not a good practice player he may end up in Gruden's doghouse once more.

RB:  Pittman and Alstott were making things happen on the ground and through the passing game.  Pittman was simply superb (Eg sideline catch) and Alstott was running with authority.  They were the only two reliable players on offense and I am not suprised Gruden called so many plays for both of them.  Carnell in his defense was having to evade defenders in the backfield in the first quarter.  In the second quarter run blocking improved but in the second half it dissappeared.  Carnell needs to stay low when he tries to cut becuase that hop step in the air in an upright position leaves the ball and the player exposed.  That is something he will have to work on.

WR:  It was clear that Atlanta's gameplan was to shutdown and limit Galloway's oppurtunities.  That is why many times he was double (even triple covered).  Galloway made a nice catch with some nice yards after but he also dropped a pass.  Hilliard  is not a bad WR but like Stovall was unable to generate seperation to get open.  I attribute to Stovall not being able to get open due to being a rookie and of course my favorite player Ike simply is not explosive enough to do so anymore.

OL:  At times they looked good and at times they looked horrible in the first half.  Well that all went out the window in the second half where they simply were dreadfull run blocking and pass blocking against a smaller defensive unit (except for big Grady).  That is really disturbing. 

DL:  They were able to generate pressure (I actually saw a pass rush on one play *gasp*) and contain Vick.  Monte also did a better job this time with the blitzes and really flustered Vick into some bad passes. Haye, Wyms, Hovan, Spires, White were all able to pressure Vick and were all over the field.  That is a small glimer of hope to look at.

LB: They did not play as bad as you think.  Brooks still looks slow to react in coverage but in run defense he looks a lot better now and is exploding into people when he makes his tackles.  Nece at times made a few errors in his gap but overall was okay.  Quarles made some mistakes but he too made some plays behind the line of scrimmage.

CB:  Buchanon was simply suprising.  He  came up to make tackles by wrapping up, deflected passes and made a heads up play to nab an INT in the endzone.  That play not only kept Atlanta from scoring seven but three as well.  Huge play on his part.  Barber was a little dissapointing in that he was at times playing to soft.  He simply was not on his A game.

S:  Will Allen looked like he was turning the corner against Dallas a few weeks ago but now is regressing.  Very puzziling. Phillips is like a rocket that swerves in a million directions.

K: Bryant was pretty good with his two field goals but missed a long field goal.  Can not complain as he is the Bucs true weapon sadly at this point.

P: Bidwell had a solid game.

OC:  I think Gruden called a good game in the first half.  In the second half I can not really say play calling was bad.  Fumbles, dropped balls, and miscues really hurt the team.

DC:  Monte did a good job of having his players ready for the option this time.  He also called the blitzes at the right time and mixed up the coverages. 

HC:  Gruden failed to rally the team after the Falcons scored a TD.  The Bucs only needed a field goal to be ahead but could not even muster a drive into field goal range.

The defense played a good game and probably would have looked a lot better if the Bucs offense did not have so many three and outs and short drives in the second half.

The offense in the first half looked respectable.  In the second half it looked abysmal.

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