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Just give us 21 points


Well, that used to be enough. It may be time to reload the defense.

It's all about the pressure from the front four. I think all we need is a couple of guys on the defensive line to cure the ills of this defense. Replace Booger with a top-notch FA next season and draft a guy who can be disruptive and this defense gets healthy again, quick.

I agree, I havent seen the crop of FA DTs for this upcoming off season but the good ones are normally tough to find.  Thats why most teams rely on DTs to stuff the run and get pressure from the outside.  Pass rushing DTs are gems man.  Im hoping we can find one in the draft...

samsdad: thinking the same th like to see us draft brooks successor this year though

It actually was "just give us 17 points".....

The Bucs have good cap room going into next year and will draft for defense. They thought the team could ride this D for one more year but it's backfired.

I will say, the defense has been put in tough spots with all the TO's in the first couple of games. The run D needs to be corrected ASAP.

the D was bad yesterday and deserves all the criticism they are getting...but to be fair, they did only allow 17 pts (unless you count ST as defense) and did a better job shutting down NO in the 2nd half..... As usual every phase contributed in some way to the loss.

Boid Fink:
The Bucs give up a whopping 163 yards a game on the ground.  The other two teams that are worse are "suprise!", the Colts and the Titans.

They give up 166, and 172.

Not good.  It isn't a matter of correcting some mistakes, it is a problem that requires a massive overhaul.  The persoannel this year is playing god awful.  Booger is absolutely the worse tackle in the ENTIRE NFL.  How many tackles has he gotten over the first four games?  I am willing to bet it is somewhere in the 'hood of 6, tops.  And Phillips looks like a JV scrub out there.

FA better be kind to us.

Well, in 99 it was "just give us 13 points".  Then, it became 17 in the Super Bowl year.  then 21 since then.  Now, it's "just give us 28 or 35 points and we'll give the opponent 175 yards on the ground".

Eeek!  ;)


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