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What do the Bucs do from here?


I know we are struggling, yada yada yada ya, but what is next? We have plenty of cap room, nearly $30 mil. So what happens. I think Gruden sticks around but he most def needs to step on the gas. I forsee us with a top 5 pick in the draft which is great. What do we address with this need?

I am all for going after a FA/RFA vet to play UT that is legit, I mean a guy that is a can't miss in our system, like Rice was for us. My preferance is Darnell Dockett (Ari). They are deep at DT, Dockett is a RFA, make the move. IMHO he would be an absolute destroyer inside, something that we don't have. I mean he has the power and speed to dominant in our system. If we address the DT via the off season that leaves us with 2 glaring needs, DE and OT. There are some studs at OT in the draft that we could get in the first round (Levi Brown PSU and Joe Thomas Wisc). They will be in range. We also need a SS because our boy Phillips is just inept, literally. This years class is very deep at Safety. Aaron Rouse is a true stud but won't be there in the 2nd (6'4" 218 pounds with crazy skills) who could play SS and be the Sean Taylor if you will of our defense, but we don't draft safties early and it shows.

So what is your take on what you think we should do to get the ship turned around? I think we are good on offense, we can at least squeeze another year out of Galloway as he gets better with age, somehow. We just need OL but this defense thing has me worried. Gaines Adams would be a great addition as a pass rush monster and he will be there as well.

All I see us needing is some top notch youth on defense to get things back to where they were. I say we dump Rice for whatever we can get and rebuild this defense to match our offense. I'm down and out about our offense but I am confident in Gruden and his ability to turn this around if we can protect and open up the playbook as we did yesterday, thoughts...

Why do you feel OT is a need?

Brooks, Rice, Wyms, and Quarles all should be put up for trade bait to try to gain additional draft picks and even Kelly. I would prefer to see the Bucs draft Charles Bennet's partner in crime (Gaines Adams) with a first round pick.  With the additional draft picks the Bucs can pick up players at S,CB,WR,LB,DT.

Re-signing Dewayne White and Winborn is a tough choice considering the Bucs do not have much to go by with those two in terms of playing time on the field.

Dockett should be the #1 FA target and possibly a veteran safety and a LDE (If White is not re-signed). 

I think OT is a need soley on the LT side. Davis is mediocre at best. Draft another OT, not in the first round to have in the cabinet maybe? I'm with you ADW, we need defense and that is oyur primary focus as is mine. Dockett would be great, you give that guy the UT position, let him get upfield and he would shine!

I think the offense is mostly set.  Maybe we need another speed guy at WR to replace Galloway at some point.  Other than that, I think the OL is young and improving, especially if Mahan pans out to some degree at C.  The D needs major work.  Right now, positions we need to work on on that side of the ball: UT.  We need a Sapp.  S.  We need a Lynch.  CB.  We need Ronde 5 years ago.  DE.  We need...well...I'd like someone who can rush the passer and play the run, but what the hell.

I think we do have some promising youth, but we need to get them on the field.  Ruud.  Zemaitis.  White.  Wyms.  Winborn.  These players need to paly if we think they're worth a damn, because our guys who've been so great for so long aren't getting it done.

Boid Fink:
Dump Walker next year.  Or resign him on the super cheap...even cheaper than his current play as a backup.

Dump Booger.  He is what he is.  He flat out sucks, there is no up-side to this guy.  What you are witnessing is the best he has to offer.  He sucks.

Find another SS to replace Phillips, and put him back on the pine as a reserve where he belongs. 

Draft Brooks replacement, draft another d-tackle, draft some corners.  Find some help through FA.

If the Bucs get the number 1 pick, maybe you trade down, get more...the Bucs have a lot of holes to fill.

Draft Gaines Adams or Quinton Moses in the first.
Sign Dockett or trade for Robertson of the Jets in FA.
Sign Briggs from Chicago.
Draft Buster Davis in the second.
Draft Zbikowski in the third.
Move Ruud to SLB.

Booger should be the first out of the door at the end of the year. He's just wasting space in the middle of that line.

I say we spend 2 of the first 3 picks on a DE and UT. Then a Safety in Rounds 4-5.

On Offense, a speed receiver, and maybe a center.

I agree, dalbuc.  Except I think that OT is low priority right now considering the state of the offense.  I may change my mind, depending on how our T's develop throughout the year, though.

At the very least, the offense has potential.  Boy, are my standards lowered.


--- Quote from: Patrik Leskinen on October 09, 2006, 02:07:00 PM ---Booger should be the first out of the door at the end of the year. He's just wasting space in the middle of that line.

I say we spend 2 of the first 3 picks on a DE and UT. Then a Safety in Rounds 4-5.

On Offense, a speed receiver, and maybe a center.

--- End quote ---

Good assessment.

If we get a top 5 pick this year and Ginn comes out early I think we should take him.  He can be our KR, PR, and speedy WR. 


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