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: April 30, 2008, 06:45:20 PM

 Â   Anyone willing to admit your immediate reaction or thought (if any) with each draft pick, please comment.

Talib - I thought "What???", as I didn't want a CB or WR in round 1. I am wiser now and like the pick!

Jackson - Something like "Whew - we got the last top-tier speed guy left". The trade down made me wonder if we were even gonna take him!

Zuttah - "I know this name".  I like him the more I read on him.

Moore - "YES!"

Johnson - "YES!"

Hayes - "Why the h... are we picking a LB?". I don't follow FSU and didn't realize he was so young.

Boyd - "Why the h... are we picking a RB?". I'd never heard of him, but after reading on him I like the possibility of his developing into a combo RB/FB; he seems to have the mentality to do that.


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#1 : April 30, 2008, 07:09:13 PM

Anyone willing to admit your immediate reaction or thought (if any) with each draft pick, please comment.

Talib - "Wow, I knew they were going CB but expected Jenkins...kid looks like a ball hawk" - Love this pick-

Jackson - "That is a reach...but a reach we needed to do" This reminds me of the pick of Greg Jennings by the pack...that worked out OK - Like this pick more every day-

Zuttah - "Why not Dre Moore?" -Love the pick once I read up on the guy and we still got Moore- Interesting to note that NFL Draft Countdown had him as the #1 Center in the draft.

Moore - "Hell, YES"

Johnson - "Have wanted him to be a Buc all along...my favorite pick of our draft"

Hayes - "Why the h... are we picking a LB?". I don't follow FSU and didn't realize he was so young.  -Almost the same as you-

Boyd - "Why the h... are we picking a RB?". I'd never heard of him, but after reading on him I like the possibility of his developing into a combo RB/FB; he seems to have the mentality to do that.  -Ditto-

Attitude reflects leadership, Captain.  - Julius (Remember the Titans)


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#2 : April 30, 2008, 07:25:08 PM

Talib: WTF are you doing Bruce!!??

Jackson: Yeah Cool

Zuttah: OMFG I can't believe we spent another pick on a lineman

Dre Moore: Niiiice

Josh Johnson: Really excited

Geno Hayes: Eugh, how many LB's do we need for pete's sake??

Boyd: Meh, 7th Round is 7th Round.

(needless to say my opinions have changed somewhat since Saturday)

\"We are frustrated at not making the playoffs. It is a good start. That is all it is. It is a good start for something that we are going to be in the future. - Josh Freeman

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#3 : April 30, 2008, 07:27:11 PM

1. talib - had my hat on, and thrw it down after we got talib over Mike jenkins...i am happy about the pick now that i know more.
2. Dexter jackson - no other way to go... i was just like... it had to be done type of face.
3. zuttah - heard the name, did not know much, agreed with the pick.
4. moore - YESYEYSYES
6. Hayes -  meh
7. Boid - meh meh


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#4 : April 30, 2008, 07:36:04 PM

1. Talib- "Huh? Okay, I see what you did there."

2. Trade down- YES! Picking up more picks, smart move Brucie!

2b. Watching Sweed and Brohm come off the board- "Aww Sh!t!"

2c. Jackson- "We did what we had to do."

3. Zuttah- * I didn't actually see this pick live, so I had no reaction*

4. Trade Up- "Oh Yes!"

4b. Moore- *jumped out of my seat at the local Fridays during lunch and gave a hearty fist pump in approval

5. Johnson- "Yeah Baby!" *hugged my wife after after seeing the good news upon return home from lunch*

6. Hayes- "Who?" then I listened to Mayock's analysis and loved the pick

7. Boyd- "What?" Was expecting the team to draft DJ Hall at this point.


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#5 : April 30, 2008, 08:00:13 PM

1. Stunned Silence (Insulting Phone Call from Buddy)

2. Stunned Silence

3. Asleep. Then saw it on the bottom line and rolled my eyes

4. Loved it

5. yuccaneers would call this pick

6. Don't recognize the name

7. Great Kenneth Darby 2.0

But unlike some of the other members on this board I didn't just type up quick twitch response hate threads I sat back and thought about it and now I love the Bucs draft.


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#6 : April 30, 2008, 08:13:27 PM

1. They passed on Stephen Jackson II :(

2.  Love his play but are his hands as good as Wes Welkers?

3.  I have seen him play not impressed when the Bucs have AD and Buenning on the roster.

4.  Pillaging and plundering.

5. I wanted Brohm or Henne but I also was okay with JJ. 

6. I guess he is more honorable than Moffit.

7.  Darby has a better shot of making the roster.



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#7 : April 30, 2008, 08:44:13 PM

1. I thought yes!!! wanted him since the season ended but really thought the bucs were going B. Brohm here or Jenkings here. Just glad we didn't go D. Jackson like most mocks had us.

2. First thought was we passed on B Brohm for D. Jackson he is suppose to go in rounds 3-4

3. I was like what the hell. Another gaurd we have 2 very young studs already. And Dre Moore was there to draft. What the hell are we doing? Here we go again bucs sucking up another draft. I was really pissed.

4. Made me feel much better I was happy. Love this pick. He will be a stud.

5. Really made my day. I have been watching him since I read an article about him back when I was getting ready for Tebow to win the Heisman. The Kid could really be something special. For all of you who thinks he is the next Grads and King you better wake up. He has more talent in one of his legs then they have put together. Dont get me wrong Grads and King had heart but neither one has pro talent. This kid does, just hope he has the heart for it. Think about grooming him for 2-3 years and the line he is going to have when he is ready. If we keep our line together most of them will have at least 4-5 years of expierence and use to playing with each other.

6. After the last two picks didn't really care. felt we got good value but already have good LBers and could of went elsewhere.

7. once again didn't really care. Happy with the draft already. We got our CB which was a big need. Got a speedster that we needed. Got a DT another major need for us. Possible QB of the future. Solid back-up lineman. What more could we ask for out the draft. Some people felt the need for a WR was bigger I believe in the rule it takes a WR 3-4 years to develope and that is where clayton and stovall is now. Believe they will have a big year this year. next year biggest needs will be a rb if no caddy and LT to complete our line.

Calvin Johnson

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#8 : April 30, 2008, 09:17:22 PM

1. Aquib Talib. WTF? I thought it would be Devin Thomas because they showed him when we made the pick on his damn cell phone. great we drafted a player with character issues. Good going coach gruden.

2. Dexter Jackson. This is a major reach. If we were gonna take a wr with our second round pick we should have stayed at 52 and drafted Limas Sweed!

3. Zutah- Good pick. More depth and versatility

4. Dre Moore- Wow! this is one move I actually like. Will be a great player for us

5. Josh Johnson- OMG! I just pissed my pants. We got an intriguing QB with potential to be a solid QB. Love the athleticism. Everyone is dead when I use him in madden 09! Finally we have a 
vince young type QB

6. Geno Hayes- Sleeper

Boyd- sleeper



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#9 : April 30, 2008, 10:09:09 PM

Talib- Wanted Mendenhall or Jenkins

Djax- alright alright


Dr dre- nice pickup

Josh Johnson-Wished dixon was still on ther board but alright i like it

Geno- Liked him in FSU

Boyd- who are you?

Boid Fink

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#10 : May 01, 2008, 12:38:58 AM

Could have liked the Schmitt pick.  He is so dang old school though...

Boid Fink

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#11 : April 30, 2008, 10:23:22 PM

Pick 1:  I clapped, pumped my fist, and said we got us a stud cornerback that should pan out in the long run. 

Pick 2:  I was a bit suprised, but I know the kid is fast, knew about the MIchigan game, and figured he is an attempt for the team to get faster, which was necessary.

Pick 3:  I knew he was a beast from watching the combine numbers.  I had to sit still for a second and think...but then it came together.  I started thinking about injuries, and who the Bucs have to backup Faine, or Sears should they go down (or Joseph..not so much Petty, I like Penn).  Thinking about it made me glad we got a top tier lineman...again.  It all starts in the trenches, and well...for a long time we all just sat back and complained how the O-line needs serious help.  There is talent by the boatload there now...no worries.

Pick 4:  When I heard the Dre Moore, I smiled.  A lot.  He at least is an attempt to beef up the interior, an attempt at generating some pressure up the gut, an attempt at making Greg White and Gaines better.  I started thinking this was a steal.  Maybe of the draft.

Pick 5:  The kid is a baller.  He is quick and fast.  He is accurate.  His TD:INT ratio is off the charts.  I hope he takes his job seriously, and takes the playbook home every day and night and reads it like it was a direct commandment from God...he could be the future.  He could be Adrian McPherson.  I am thinking the former.

Pick 6:  Meh.  Maybe he pans out.  Maybe he doesn't.  He will make the linebacking competition very **CENSORED**y.

Pick 7:  Could have cared less to be honest.


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#12 : April 30, 2008, 10:25:47 PM

1. Thought Talib was a solid pick and was glad we went CB in the first round. Was a little shocked that the pick wasn't Mike Jenkins.

2. After watching the receiver slip to the second round, and then start flying off the board we had to pull the trigger on our speedy WR.

3. Didn't know anything about him, but assumed that the FO isn't happy with either Buenning or Davis.

4. Didn't see the pick, hopefully he can be the passrusher we need at DT.

5. When I got home from work and saw the boards I was ecstatic. Josh Johnson is going to be special.

6. Kiper thinks he's good, I watched Tim Tebow make a fool out of him after he ran his mouth.

7. Was happy with the pick he could be our next Pittman.


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#13 : April 30, 2008, 11:57:05 PM

talib - ugh.  cason/flowers seem a better fit and mendenhall was staring us down.

jackson - reach.  brohm or even sweed was staring us down.

zuttah - big uglies are fine by me.

moore - love the trade up.

johnson - wasted pick for our QB situation. 

hayes - schmitt staring us down.

boyd - he always runs tough.

but a couple hours later and i was happy with our draft.

\"Lets put the O back in Country\"


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#14 : May 01, 2008, 01:22:35 AM

Talib- Not upset or happy.  Was hoping for Brohm, Merling, or Devin Thomas and when they showed Thomas on the phone, I was pumped up.  I was baffled and laughing when they selected Talib.

Dexter Jackson- Laughed at it, thought it was dumb.

Zuttah-wasn't awake yet, but when i first saw we drafted him i was like what?

Moore- YES
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