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Practice Squad

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#30 : May 02, 2008, 01:58:32 PM

I will tell you exactly how I felt after each pick. Even though it is a week later I will give you my honest opinion.

Round 1-Talib-Please Talib over Jenkins...Please Talib over Jenkins...Please Talib over Jenkins...Commish is walking up...Watching TV...Commish just announced Talib over Jenkins....THANK YOU LORD. THANK YOU LORD!!!!

Round 2-Trade..cool, we have an extra pick...nice...Pick is in, Please Please Please..Dexter Jackson, We need Dexter Jackson...Pick is in...Bottom of screen.....Bucs select Dexter Jackson, WR, App. State...I've never been this happy with our first two picks in my life.

Round 3- OMG...Marcus Harrison is still available!! A 1st round talent available in the later portions of the 3rd?? On top of that this is a position of need for us. Jovan Haye is not getting it done....Pick is in.....Jeremy Zuttah...Confused

Round 4-Passed on Harrison so I guess we aren't drafting a a DT this year. Trade up!! Wow, there must be somebody we really want..Pick is in...Dre Moore...Oh no. The classic underachiever that will bust out in the NFL.  Damnit!!

Round 5- Don't really care at this point..Pick is in...Josh Johnson?? Training camp fodder

Round 6- Wow...Geno Hayes is still available?? He is so much better than some linebackers we have right now..cough..Hayward. Pick is in..Geno Hayes...Adios Hayward

Round 7-Cory Boyd-Who?

Uncle Stan

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#31 : May 02, 2008, 02:07:42 PM

Last year we kept all our draft picks. Think we will do the same this year.

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#32 : May 02, 2008, 03:06:09 PM

Talib - Sensible..

Jackson - Hope he plays bigger..

Zuttah - zzzzzzzzz (Sunday morning, still asleep)

Moore - Finally, DL...

Johnson - I wanted Booty, but whatever..

Hayes - Gordon might have a shot at Talledega..

Boyd - So they did have a 7th rounder yesterday?..


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#33 : May 02, 2008, 08:05:05 PM

Talib - "Wow". Bucs screwed this pick. Especially no WR taken in the 1st 19 selections. Bruce Allen gambled that a solid WR would be available in the second round. He was wrong.

Jackson - 1st the Bucs trade when Limas Sweed was still on the board. Sweed would have made the Talib selection less painful. Jackson is just to raw at WR for the second round. Hindsight is 20/20 but Devin Thomas or James Hardy in the 1st and Either Patrick Lee, Terrence Wheatley or Terrell Thomas would have been a better selection for Bucs.

Zuttah - PLease can you say reach. Marcus Harrison out there and you take another OL? Yeah the kid can play center but there would have been pure centers their in the 4th round or 5th round.

Moore - "YES!"- makes passing on Harrison easier to take. Harrison in 3rd would have allowed Bucs to take JD Booty here instead of wasting a pick on Josh Jonson in the 5th

Johnson - "WHY, WHY AND WHY. Wasted Pick. NFL talent will eat this kid alive. Taking Booty in the 4th would have freed up this selection for John Sullivan/C/

Hayes - Great depth and special teams guy. Heir apparent to Ryan Nece.

Boyd - Camp fodder pick at best.
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