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Good morning, Gruden haters!

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I see you've finally arisen from your slumber.  I just find it incredily odd that after the second straight solid offensive performance, games that we led with less than 5 minutes to go, you guys are choosing this moment to worm your way out of the woodwork.

This season has been what it has been.  No one could have predicted that Simms would play as he did.  Certainly no one predicted that we would be one of the worst defenses in the league.

Against the Panthers, we fell one play short of a win.  We could not stop Delhomme.  We could not intercept the ball.  These plays are plays that we've been making for a decade to close things out.  Not any more.

We're allowing 160 yards a game on the ground!  You expect to win like that?

Despite injuries to our starting RT, our QB and both starting G, Gruden just put together an effective gameplan and called a great game.  His side of things (the O), despite all the adversity, played well enough to win.  Our D did not.

G-Kow will have his ups and downs.  The OL is improving.  We have the personnel and (it's clear) the plays to be effective on offense now.  The D just needs to be addressed.  If the Defense was playing like they used to, we'd be AT LEAST 2-2 right now, if not 3-1.

We need to get the defense moving in the right direction, but let me just say this:

Stop calling for Gruden's head.  Stop telling me what a bad playcaller he is.  Stop doing crazy stuff like telling me that Kiffin should be head coach.

It makes you sound uninformed and of poor knowledge.

Take it sleazy, boys and girls.

Not all criticism of Gruden is "hating", but I agree that it is too soon to see him fired.


--- Quote from: Bucsfan1976 on October 09, 2006, 01:51:56 PM ---Not all criticism of Gruden is "hating", but I agree that it is too soon to see him fired.

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I agree.  If you have a criticism, voice it.  That's what this board is all about.  But some of the stuff that people are saying is ridiculous.  I'm trying to bring a bit of balance.


--- Quote from: beniro on October 09, 2006, 01:54:24 PM ---I agree.  If you have a criticism, voice it.  That's what this board is all about.  But some of the stuff that people are saying is ridiculous.  I'm trying to bring a bit of balance.

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Fair enough.


--- Quote from: dalbuc on October 09, 2006, 01:54:14 PM ---0-4.....there's nothing else to say. No one ges whacked bad every game in the NFL and close never counts. His job is to win football games and he's not doing it right now. That means he gets and deserves criticism becuase when he wins if you want to give him credit you also have to hand out blame.

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I agree.  It's just that there is no even keel amongst the boarders today.  Totally killing my buzz.  ;)

I think Gruden is absolutely worthy of criticism.  It just seems that many people were not watching the same game I saw.  I feel the game was masterfully coached and playcalled by Gruden.  He does indeed bear the responsability for our record, but the streak of bad luck we've had makes it more of a testament to the job he does that he has kept us in these last two games.  I mean, injuries up and down the OL, a missing spleen, rookie QB.  Even with all of this, it took an offensive pass interference to derail our final drive, which could have been a game winner.

I would've been much more critical of Gruden after the Atlanta and Carolina games than this one.  We went on the road with a rookie QB and RT and lost because we couldn't tackle Deuce or Reg.  This one is not on the O and it's not on the OC.  It's on the D and the DC.


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