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: October 09, 2006, 06:08:28 PM

I know we are all down right now, but I'd like to point out a few things.
1) This offense looks like it finally found it's missing piece.  we've looked tentative and hesitant the last few years, and even when we scored high, it was off of a few "big plays" amid a ton of three and outs.  Last week we moved it consistently, even when we didn't come away with points, we were moving it. I honestly don't expect that to change.  We'll see some turnovers and mistakes, but for the most part I think we'll be steady.
2) The D is clearly playing poorly, but not the worst in the league, and tackling is correctable.  With the way the D is playing right now, we can have a good shot at 4-5 wins, maybe 6.  If we can just improve the D to, say, 5 spots higher (which is not an insurmountable task) we could be looking at 8-8 or better.  Yeah, call out the Kool-aide patrol, but it is possible.  Look how NYG just found their D this week.  It may not be likely, but the potential is there.
3) Our opponents are not all the unbeatables people seem to think (well, maybe CHI, but that's only one team)  We've seen some of them get blown out by teams that don't appear to be much better than us overall.  PIT is looking like we did the year after too.  Cleveland is looking weak, and cold weather notwithstanding, that should be a win.  Carolina, Saints and Falcons are not games you want to predict, those game always seem to surprise, regardless of the apparent talent differentials.
4) There's too much character on this team to be settling for 4.  Look at the chaos in New York right now and they aren't even in as much of a hole as us.  Ironicly, it seems to be the offense here that is manning up , and the D that's got issues.  And we still aren't at each other's throat.  We seem to have a leadership gap there.  I like that Jon went in there last week, although I think the defensive players may resent it a bit, but someone needs to crack heads.

We aren't as bad as we seem at the moment.  Our opponents aren't as good as they seem.  Which teams do you really expect to roll over us?  CHI, yes.  NYG, maybe maybe not.  CAR, ATL? CLE?  We'll be in the game for most of these.  And the cold weather games it's been the O that performs poorly, not the D, and this is a really new O, so that may not be that big a factor.  I seem to remember the cold weather curse has been fading the last few years too.

I'll be the first to say I think we are looking more to next year, and the staff is taking a longer view now too, but I still can't see us bottom-feeding.
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