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Not next year, what do we do NOW?

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Uncle Stan:
Many of you are talking about next year with regard to FA's and the draft.

Well next year is a long way away. We still have 12 more games to play.

So what should we do NOW? (only as it affects players)

Who gets set down and who plays in their place?

Who do we bring up from the PS?

Who do we look at that's available in FA that could help NOW?

Who do we look at as a possible trade without killing ourself in next years draft?

The only suggestion I can make is bench Booger NOW. (we never missed him when he was hurt).

I wouldn't change anything on offense except to get Mahan away from playing guard and put in either Terry or Joseph-or both.

P.S.  Spell check is great to fix typo's

I say we stick with running the ball. 
We put more defensive players on special teams.
Go back to the Carolina game Defensive gameplan and start putting pressure on the QB.
Bring in a back up QB.

Boid Fink:
They didn't even suit Terry up last Sunday.  He must be a)  Irritated by not getting the starting job based on a decent TC
                                                                                        b)  Not that good to begin with.

I agree with benching Booger.  The guy has 5 or 6 tackles through four games, doesn't get penetration...maybe even throw White into the mix.  Slide Crane into the DT (he is scrappy), or put in Wyms.  

I think White, based on limited performance deserves a job.  I think Spires needs to be put aside and made the substitute for DeWayne.  White makes stuff happen.  He is a gamer.

Fire Bisaccia.  You can always find another ST coach.  He isn't a great coach, by any means.

Let Ruud in now.  Have him start playing Mike, slide Q over to Neces spot.  Nece hasn't played that great, and is dinged up anyway.  Ruud needs all these snaps when the bullets are flying right now.  Sort of the same scenario with the pre season...A lot of the guys didn't get enough reps, and it might have played a factor in their poor start.  Get Ruud in there.  Q is on his way out due to age anyway.

Give Stovall some reps, put him in there as well, let him build a bond with the young offensive parts out there already.  He is a great red zone target, and is physical.a  Too early to call him Keyshawn Johnson yet, but I think he might be one of those type of cats.

Let Torrie Cox return punts.  He can't be that much worse, or better even, than one dimensional Jones.  Jones is the nine yard machine, and lacks any quicks, and burst to ever make the punting return team a threat to score, or get us good field position.  PArt of that has to be Bisaccia fault....see above.  This way, you can get rid of Jones who is essentially a burned roster spot on a mediocre to average, one dimensional pony.

Bring back Fonoti (Just because I like the!), and is also very young and probably coachable.  At least put him in the PS.

I don't really think there's much we can do.  We just have to stick with it and execute better!

Boid Fink:

--- Quote from: LeeroyBuc on October 09, 2006, 02:31:31 PM ---I don't really think there's much we can do.  We just have to stick with it and execute better!

--- End quote ---

You can at least let the newcomers, like Ruud and Stove get some live game reps, so this way, they lose that wide-eyed wonder that must engulf them come game day.  Get them game ready, in other words.  No use having them sit on the pine, when the season is essentially over with now.


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