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: June 20, 2008, 07:07:29 AM

It always seems as if the Bucs are getting prepared to change quarterbacks. Every year there's a new face in the always substantial crowd, telling everyone how he has a chance to compete for the starting job. What, you dont think Brian Griese has a chance to open the season under center with all the turmoil currently surrounding the Bucs QB situation?
This whole situation is a mess and defines the Jon Gruden era in Tampa.  2007 starter Jeff Garcia wants more money and more security as the starting quarterback.  Chris Simms says his relationship with Gruden is non-existent and irreparable, maybe prompting a sudden end to Simms time in Tampa.  Bruce Gradkowski, expectedly, was shown the door only days ago.  It’s still early but wouldn’t it have been a little nicer on Grudens’ part to release him months ago? Jake Plummer finally emerged from the mountains of Idaho to explain why he shouldn’t pay back $7 million dollars in bonus money to a team (Tampa) that he never played a single down for.  Thankfully, this dispute was settled on Monday with Plummer giving back half of the money.
There are still 5 QB’s listed on the Bucs depth chart, as Gradkowski and Plummer’s names have officially been removed.  Thinning out the competition was needed but that does not make things better.  Garcia could very well walk away if his deal is not re-done and Simms may be out the door as well.  Thus leaving us with the very real possibility of Griese or Luke McCown being the starting quarterback.  Griese had 20 TD in 11 games for the Bucs in 2004 but has done little since then and tossed 10 TD to 14 picks in 7 games for the Bears last year.  McCown is still young enough to develop but I don’t think he is the answer either and if he is by chance, it probably won’t be until after a long career of holding a clip board.  McCown put up decent enough numbers to give everyone hope but that production came against some very poor defenses.  In the 4 games that he started or logged significant time late last season, the Bucs were 1-3.
Why is this franchise unable to draft and develop a Pro Bowl caliber QB?  Gruden has had more than enough time to develop a QB in his near-decade long stint in Tampa but this regime has been unwilling to make an effort in this regards.  Gruden is either too sure of himself as a coach to believe he needs a great QB to win or they don’t believe themselves capable of developing a talented QB.  Neither inspires much confidence.  Uncertainty and a lack of continuity at the games critical position has long undermined the accomplishments of one of the greatest defenses of all time.  Few teams in any era can boast of the Bucs defensive success over the last decade, but they have exactly 1 Super Bowl to show for it and that was with a roster built by Tony Dungy.
Hopefully Josh Johnson is the answer.  This kid has phenomenal athletic ability to go along with the mental acuity to handle the pro level.  Johnson played in the Division 1-AA level at San Diego State and the leap is enormous but he’s the best chance of seeing a Pro Bowl QB in a Bucs uniform while still in their prime on the Bucs roster.  He has the ability to handle Gruden’s complicated play book and he has the mobility that Gruden loves.  His arm is only average but a cannon is not needed in this offense.  Gradkowski had enough arm, he just didn’t have the deep accuracy or explosiveness.  Garcia has only a popgun arm but he has excellent deep accuracy and his explosiveness can catch defenders by surprise.
Hence why Garcia led them to the play-offs last year and Grads is looking for work.  Johnson appears closer to Garcia.  He can throw extremely well on the move, can flick the ball pretty far pretty fast and doesn’t lose a ton of accuracy the harder he has to throw.  With so much uncertainty and drama surrounding the position right now, Johnson may get some game time sooner than expected unless things calm down a little bit. 



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#1 : June 20, 2008, 08:27:34 AM

something tells me that McCown, JJ, Griese are not the proverbial long term answer (1-2 years with this current regime)...McNabb is my choice to be running the show when Garcia decides to move on to his next team looking for more $$$

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#2 : June 20, 2008, 01:57:13 PM

I have a VERY HARD TIME thinking that Garcia will NOT BE THE STARTING QB this year. I don't know where you are getting the idea that Garcia will walk away. He may get hurt and have to leave, but he will not walk away. Luke as the starter is not all that bad. Griese as #2 and Josh as #3....If Garcia is out of the picture. Plus, Gruden would pickup another QB if Garcia is gone.

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