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#75 : July 27, 2008, 10:06:38 PM

What other WR could he be compared to? I suggested T.J. from Cinci to "hate", and it didn't sound like he agreed with me all that much. Maybe he's more like a D. Driver-type, without the age lol? I do love the fact that he's been a pro-bowler and has several years left.
I don't know a whole lot about Boldin, other than I've seen him play and thought he was pretty good. Fitz overshadows him over there though. I personally never had much interest in the Cards, so my information is limited. All I know is that he is DEFF worth a 1st from what I've seen. At least to THIS team, he would be worth a first. Not knocking him, knocking our own need for WR.

Last news I read on him was that he wasn't going to be allowed a trade. The lie-ons told him so.

I love TJ but Boldin is a better wr. I think TJ benefits from Chad whereas I feel Boldin can stand on his own as a legit #1.

If i had to rank WRs in the league, there aren't many I'd put over him. Off the top of my head, theres TO, Moss, Wayne, Steve Smith, Ocho Cinco, Braylon, and a healthy Andre Johnson. Thats about it. I may have left off one or two.

I agree with that take on him. Also, It's seems like IF he had a legit QB he would be even better imo. But you don't think he benefits from Fitz on the other side? In my view, he would HAVE to benefit somewhat. Just trying to eliminate the "bust" factor in my mind.

I have questions..

#1. Does Boldin traditionally play against good teams/players? (It's the Cards, ya know)

#2. Was Fitz ever out, and Boldin had top-spot, how did he do? (if it ever happened)

#3. Who was the QB for that/those games?

I'm not going to speak against the guy, he seems like a darn-good WR. But sometimes a team is either, better than they appear, or worse than they really show. Same thing that I'm trying to figure out with Boldin. Could it be the worst lie we could ever buy into?

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#76 : July 27, 2008, 10:09:25 PM

Boldin was offensive rookie of the year while Larry Fitzgerald was still in college.

FRG is the most logical poster on this board.  You guys just don\'t like where the logical conclusions take you.



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#77 : July 28, 2008, 02:15:51 AM

keep dreaming people


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#78 : July 28, 2008, 02:15:34 PM

Boldin had 71 receptions in 2007 and only one of them was over 40 yards, while playing in an offense way more wide open than the Bucs. Galloway only had 57 catches and 6 of them were over 40 yards.

What about '05 and '06 for Boldin? Last year was Boldin's worse year, and he only played in 12 games as well.
In 2005 he had 5 of his 102 catches go over 40 yards and in 2006 he had 4 of his 83 receptions go over 40 yards. Better, but still significantly less often than Galloway.

Aside from last year, which really was an off-year for him, Boldin has pretty consistantly had one of the higher YAC averages for receivers.  In a west-coast type offense, I'm inclined to be a bit more concerned about that than I would be for the number of long receptions.

Not that I think the Bucs have a realistic chance at Boldin, mind you.


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#79 : July 28, 2008, 03:28:11 PM

This would be a great trade in my opinion... the money is worth it.
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