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: July 26, 2008, 02:43:59 PM

Rank the conference you follow...

1)USC- Worst USC team though in years probably 2 L
2) Oregon- Either 2nd or 3rd. Has the talent but will be on the road against the tougher teams
3) ASU- Very well could be 2nd. Experienced QB
4) Cal- Still have Longshore but will struggle without the 2 WR
5) Arizona- Very underrated QB, stud TE and WR, they will score a lot
6) Washington- Hardest schedule in the country but a Tebow clone at QB to bad he has nobody with him
7) OSU- Worst QB's in conference, new OL, new RB, rebuilding.
8) UCLA- Overrated, dont see how anyone has them in the top 5. Already have key injuries
9) Stanford- I think they could finish around 6. They will get some wins
10). Wazzu- New offense, new coach, new QB, no talent.

down year for the pac. IMO

John Galt?

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#1 : July 28, 2008, 01:52:12 PM


1) Florida-this year they get the bye before UF/UGA.  D is the BIG question.  With an improved O line and a legitimate RB, they'll have one heck of an offense.
2) Georgia-One look at their schedule and you'll go damn.
3) Tennessee-New QB but a senior D
4) South Carolina- Worst QB name in the conference "Smelley", but they have a lot of talent on D
5) Kentucky- Lost 12 starters from last year including Woodson.
6) Vandy- Won't make a bowl game


1) Auburn-New OC, DC, QB, and they are going to the spread.  New OC Franklin took over in December and in just 3 weeks coached a mediocre O to 423 Yd vs Clemson
                 in the Chik Fillet bowl.
2) LSU-Who's QB situation is a bigger circus,  LSU's or Green Bay's?
3) Miss State- Sylvester Croom may be the best "making chicken salad out of chicken crap" coach in the country last year.  This year he has more to work with very good
                 RB Dixon and a QB people will be talking about in April.
4) Bama- Good QB, Good running game but too inconsistent every where else.
5) Arkansas-They will get to 5-3 when Petrino leaves for a new coaching job with the Oakland Raiders.
6) Ole Miss-I think Houston Nutt can turn this team around...in another year or two.


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#2 : July 30, 2008, 10:09:03 AM


1)  WVU - By far the most talented team in the conference
2)  Rutgers - Defense much improved and passing game will be second to none in the conference (though I'll admit I'm biased)
3)  USF - They'll start off hott and then fall off a bit like last year, will lose to RU
4)  Pittsburgh - Not sold on them yet, a win in a rivalry game over WVU last year doesn't make them a top 25 team IMO
5)  Cincy - Lost guys on both sides of the ball, but still a dangerous team
6)  UConn - No way they are as lucky as last year and just aren't talented enough as we saw vs. WVU
7)  Louisville - Rebuilding...
8)  Syracuse - No need for a comment
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