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: August 06, 2008, 03:21:04 PM

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Brett Favre thought the idea of playing for the New York Jets was tantamount to finishing his career purgatory. He figured he'd rather retire.

Now the soon-to-be-former Green Bay Packers quarterback has warmed up to the idea, and a source within the Jets front office tells ESPN.com they believe they're not an afterthought anymore in the Favre sweepstakes.

Favre's agent, Bus Cook, told the Sporting News that the Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers "are the two teams out front" and that he expects "something to happen within the next 48 hours."

The Jets went 4-12 last year and looked miserable doing it. Thankfully, they're in the Miami Dolphins' division or they would have looked worse. It's no wonder why Favre refused to speak directly with the Jets over the past few weeks.

But once Favre accepted the fact the Packers would not release him or trade him within the division, a trade he couldn't completely orchestrate became inevitable. He got on the phone and spoke with the Jets and Buccaneers.

Although the Buccaneers appear to have the inside track, the Jets wedged into the fight Tuesday night by convincing him they're ready to win immediately.

The Jets explained how much money they spent in free agency to shore up their offensive line and pass rush. They filled him in on the $75 million facility in Florham Park, N.J., they'll occupy on Sept. 2. They reminded him there are places to go hunting in the area -- and that's no trivial matter to the proud Mississippian.

The Jets are disappointed that neither Chad Pennington nor Kellen Clemens has stepped up in training camp to claim the job. Both returning quarterbacks have been decent, but the front office and coach Eric Mangini would feel much more comfortable with a charismatic veteran at the helm.

They believe they're a playoff team and that Favre would give them a chance to win it all. Yes, the Super Bowl.

Favre will turn 39 in October. Every one of his 5,377 completions has been to a Packers receiver.

Still, the Jets are confident Favre can learn enough of the offense to be effective if they can bring him in by the end of this week. The Jets open their preseason Thursday night in Cleveland, so if Favre can be waiting when they return to Hofstra University, they think he would have time to learn enough of the offense.

Favre would have help translating the playbook. Bill Callahan, the Jets' offensive line coach and top Mangini assistant, knows the West Coast offense from his Oakland Raiders days (Callahan was Jon Gruden's offensive coordinator before succeeding him) and could help Favre assimilate the play calls into concepts he understands.

The improbable might actually happen after all.



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one more stupid post (blah)

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