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: August 06, 2008, 04:47:47 PM

A topic that has been bludgeoned ten-fold for sure is the Brett Favre soaper.

In my best Paul Harvey voice, "And Now, for What It's Worth...."

Favre or Garcia?  Advantage Favre.  Durability wins out here IMO.  Garcia missed more games in 2007 than Favre has missed in 16 years.  Garcia=The Protector while Favre=The gunslinger.  For every TD pass Favre tosses there is an INT right around the corner. 

There will be two guaranteed winners in this whole saga....the owners of the Packers and the Bucs, assuming Tampa Bay is Favre's landing point.

Favre fills the seats for the Glazer's and the Packers rid themselves of the distraction, not to mention the $12M salary and likely draft picks acquired in any deal that is struck.

I admire Favre's accomplishments in his career and whatever happens going forward, that admiration is not likely to wane.  But I keep asking myself a key question, which is, "Is Favre the difference between the Bucs reaching the Super Bowl or not?" 

I am just not too sure.

And do the Bucs relinquish precious draft picks to strike a deal?  We should have all learned by now that draft picks are a commodity, given the fact that we were short on them due to the Gruden acquisition back in 2002.

Another thing to consider is the supporting cast here in Tampa.

There will be no Donald Driver or Greg Jennings.  There will be no Sterling Sharpe, Bubba Franks, or Jackie Harris.  There is not any Antonio Freeman or Robert Ferguson to throw to.

Officially, I'll sit on the fense, with a lean toward hoping we do not sign Favre.  I have been a longtime proponent of ceasing the QB Band Aid machine for the Buc franchise.

If Favre does come to Tampa, I'll be one of the loudest supporters.  If not, I won't lose a wink of sleep either.


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#1 : August 06, 2008, 04:54:11 PM

What's up, Prefer?

As for the supporting cast, it's my very humble opinion that those guys were made better by Farve.  Put those guys on our teams, and they are the same types of players we've got.  Put them with Farve, and the HAVE to become rock solid.  MY feeling is that the same would happen in Tampa, were he to come here.

No solid evidence to support it, just a gut feeling.
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