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Joey Galloway pick then trade strategy


I'm pretty sure every Buccaneer fan knows that Galloway destroys the Saints every time they meet. I doubt many other NFL fans know that. I thought it would be smart to get Galloway in the 5th-6th round of my 14 team draft, then watch him get his 150 yards and a TD in Week 1. When NFL Network shows highlights of Galloway burning the Saints secondary, Galloways trade stock can get you something good.

Not going to lie, but most people know that Galloway is 150 yards one week and 7 yards the next.  He should not be a starter for you, but if you are in a 14 team league, I suppose he is a solid #3 for you.  Don’t over pick him and the only Buccaneer you should warrant picking is Tampa Bay DEF later on.  They are solid and unless your in a draft full with Buc Fans, should be on the board late.

Graham will split carries with Dunn and see Bennett get some.  I doubt he duplicates that 10 TD performance, but will still be a solid #3 back for fantasy.  Garcia may toss between 16-20 TDs this year, but I wouldn’t draft him.  If he starts off hot you can probably pick him up.

IF YOUR in a draft full with Buc Fans, let them overpick the Bucs.  I love the Bucs, but we are a fantasy disaster.  Stay away and don’t think that Galloways trade value will go up, you’ll end up being stuck with him.

You aren't high on Graham this year? I don't think he will get that many yards because split carries, but I think he is going to get almost every rushing touchdown. Dunn and Bennett are to weak to pound it in at the goal line. I think Dunn will have about 4 td's probably all of receptions. I would bet Bennett would have 3 or so TD's on long runs. I still wouldn't be surprised to see Graham get 10+ again.

Who on the Saints and Falcons can cover Galloway? I would bet by the end of week 2, Galloway would have 200+ Receiving yards, and 2+ TD's. Hopefully that would be enough to warrant a trade for Brandon Marshall, Steve Smith, etc.

Nobody is going to give you Steve Smith straight up for Galloway unless he has maybe 300-350 yards after 2 weeks.

I’d expect Galloway to have about 200 yards after those first 2 games, but that isn’t going to be enough for trade value.

I tend to stay away from Bucs because I don’t want to draft with my heart, so even if we had Peyton Manning, I’d probably pass on him.

I just get their D all the time because I can get them late.(I live in New Jersey, so no Buc Fans will jump on them)


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