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: October 10, 2006, 05:04:10 PM

I think so!

OK, so I’ve always been the ultimate optimist and always look at things on the Brightside.  I actually liked what I saw yesterday as far as the Offense is concerned.  Gradkowski looked like the real deal to me as he didn’t look like a rookie making his very first start on the road.  I think while they’re not yet there as of yet the OL looked much better and I think once we get Davin Joseph in there it will be even that much better.  Caddy looked like his old self yesterday finding some holes and exploding through them.

Do not get me wrong as I feel this season is without a doubt a lost cause for any playoff hopes, which is all that matters, but I like what I’m seeing for the future. I honestly feel that last season was the worst thing that could have happened as we played a fairly weak schedule and we just barely squeaked by a  lot of games, which gave us this false sense of hope for the team.  Instead of making some key moves, they instead felt like just bringing back all of our starters would be good enough, which of course was wrong.

Except for Galloway our Offense is extremely young and I think the young guys are very promising.  I thought Trueblood looked pretty good in his first start, not great, but good in his first start ever. While watching Gradkowski yesterday I was thinking he seemed somewhat like a young Rich Gannon and if you noticed yesterday Gruden opened up his playbook where you actually saw a double reverse and several pitch sweeps and several deep passes.  I think he’s got more confidence in Gradkowski then he had for Simms.  Either that or he’s got there’s nothing to lose attitude.

The Brightside is we can look forward to a very good draft position and IMHO we need to concentrate solely on the Defense.  I do not know what their contracts are like and IF we can afford to even unload them, but we need to get rid of Booger and Rice IMHO or give them a take it or leave it offer of a reduced contract.  They’re both WAY overpaid at this point.  We need to draft very wisely and also look into some key FA’s. A couple of DL that caught my eye who will be UFA’s are Vonnie Holiday of the Phins or Darnell Dockett from the Cards.  Also some more Safety help is a must as Phillips and Allen are the weak links back there as neither one of them can tackle.  I saw where the Eagle’s Michael Lewis will be an UFA and guess who else?  John Lynch will be an UFA?  Do we bring him back?

IF we do need to bring in a veteran OL, the Steelers OT Max Starks is an UFA at the end of the season and he will only be in his 5th season next year.  I know I say we need to concentrate on defense and I will be contradicting myself, but there is one player if he comes out as a Junior and if he’s available I do not see how we could pass on him.  That’s Georgia Tech’s  WR, Calvin Johnson.  I’m thinking of Galloway’s replacement.  He’s 6’5” and 240 lbs., but he runs a 4.3 – 40.  Another Offensive player who might be too good to pass up is Wisconsin’s OT Joe Thomas who is said to be a can’t miss prospect.  As far as Defensive players in the draft possibly FS LaRon Landry from LSU or Ohio State’s DT Quinn Pit**CENSORED**.

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#1 : October 10, 2006, 05:24:56 PM

I cant sign on to a bandwagon after 1 game.

Gruden: Simms is gonna be a helluva quaterback- unless I screw it up.
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