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: September 03, 2008, 06:11:36 PM

(On if Joey Galloway will play Sunday)
"I expect him to, but again we have a couple more days to go. We'll see how he feels.
He's getting better."

(On Galloway referring to Gruden as the "zookeeper")
"I feel like the zookeeper, too…no disrespect to the zookeepers out there."

(On if it's comforting that the game will go on as planned)
"Yeah, it sure is. I'm just thankful, as I'm sure you all are too, that the storm didn't go through there. I'm sure there were some people that were hit hard and my prayers go out to people like that that are helpless in those situations. It's just good fortune for New Orleans that it didn't hit there again, and it's good fortune for us, too. But for the people that did get hit with the Hurricane, God bless them. I give you my best, and hang in there."

(On if the Bucs have to plan for a very loud crowd)
"Well, we can't compete with the crowd noise. You've got to do the best you can. We try to play and practice in the crowd noise here to try to simulate it. I've never been in the Superdome, okay, ever, when it hasn't been loud as hell. It's a fantastic place to play. I was there for the Georgia-Notre Dame Sugar Bowl; I can't remember it being louder than that. It's going to be loud regardless of the circumstances, but they have a lot of reasons
to rejoice in New Orleans right now. They have a great city that's coming back strong and they've got a good football team."

(On if he is more comfortable with Sean Mahan on the team)
"Yeah, in some ways. I wish Dan [Buenning] the best. He laid it on the line for us and he'll do a good job as a man and as a Bear. I just think Sean Mahan comes in here with plenty of experience at the center position, at the guard position, each guard position. Given our situation at this point in time, a veteran leader and proven signal-caller helps us."

(On if he would prefer a home opener)
"I would rather play all of our games at home, to be honest with you. I like playing at home. We've got the best stadium, we've got the best fans and we've got the coolest uniforms in football."

(On his confidence level in K Matt Bryant)
"I'm very confident in him. Again, I'm not disappointed in his inability to make a few of those kicks, I'm more shocked than anything because I've seen him be dead on for so long. I'm going to be very confident in him, and hopefully a couple misses are good for you. You know you're not perfect and you've got to maintain your stroke and you've got to be focused. I'm sure he'll be ready to go."

(On Bryant saying he'd never had that good of a training camp before)
"It shocked me. I don't think he missed. You were there, you guys reported it. I think he went weeks without missing a field goal from any hash mark or any depth that we challenged him from. To miss four or five in the preseason was shocking, but he did make his last three and I think that will help him."

(On how curious is to see how the running game pans out)
"We're only allowed to dress so many guys on Sunday, so we're going to sit some players down that I'm sure will be disappointed, maybe shocked themselves. But the last I checked we can only dress 46 men, really. So we'll make some tough calls. We may not have three tailbacks up; it might not be feasible. Last year, Earnest Graham was our only tailback up for the majority of the season before we made the trade for [Michael] Bennett.
Who's up and who's out, that will be a game-time decision."

(On if he is most anxious for opening day than any other game)
"I was just as anxious last opening day as I am this opening day. I love opening day, love every game really. I love football and I've been blessed that way to find something I really love to do. We've got a great group of guys that work very hard. This is important to them and they'll be ready to play."

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