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#150 : October 18, 2008, 09:19:19 AM

I sure as hell didnt get it by giving it away to other people....

Some of the melodramatic rhetoric is hilarious.

A very small portion of tax revenue ends up in the hands of people on welfare.  None of us like paying taxes and we definitely don't want to subsidize scroungers.   Truth is much of our taxes goes to worthwhile causes, you know the little thinks like defense, education, and pensions for the old folk that fought for and built this country. 

The taxation system in the US is very fair and heavily weight in the favor of the rich.   Personally I am in favor or raising tax thresholds and eliminating anyone earning under $50k from the income tax brackets.  Switch to sales tax and have several bands:  Luxury American Car 10% sales tax:  Luxury Foreign Car 25% sales tax.  Kids clothes zero sales tax etc.  On top of that change the higher income tax brackets need raising.  If you file taxable earnings of over $1 million a year what is wrong with a 50% tax bracket.  No one "earns" that amount of money through their own endeavors, they earn it off the backs of others.

Sooooooooooo with these tax raises how exactly is he (Obama) going to help the people he's pandering to?


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#151 : October 22, 2008, 06:20:48 AM

"Conservatives say this is proof that Obama is a socialist. Since "spreading the wealth" is a term frequently used by communists".

OMFG what is it with you Americans and your f****** facile political statements. I'm sick of hearing all this crap. Please just read that statement above again and look how naive it is. Obama's not a f****** socialist either because he wants to raise taxes [banghead], its just called tightening the country's fiscal policy.

To those of you that are Pewter Insider's read Kevin Carter bit about American Politics and how much of a farce it is. He's exactly right.

It is hard trying to educate Americans about socialism. They have been brainwashed with the propaganda all these years even though communism fell 20 years ago. They are stuck in the past when it comes to how the world has changed since then (and I would also like to add that communism is an extreme form of socialism kind of like the extreme form of capitalism is a a free and 100% unregulated, anarchistic, chaotic free market which the L's are big advocates of).

Here goes:

*Obama isn't a socialist ( not by the world standard of socialistic democracies).

*The rest of the democracies in the world are primarily socialistic. The only exception to this is none other than the United States.

*There is no such thing as capitalism or socialism being better. Extremes of each are bad for everyone, and when you have a balance of both they keep each other in check ensuring stability. Both type of systems can be undermined by human greed. So one being better than the other is not only misleading, but intellectually dishonest.

*The majority of the people that equate socialism with communism (lol) have a.) Never traveled outside of the U.S. b.) Have never lived outside of the U.S. and c.) Do not have many relatives who live outside of the U.S.

To give an idea of how different the American political spectrum is compared to European lets use Obama, McCAin and Hillary.

If we are to assume Obama is a socialist, McCain a conservative (lol), and Hillary Neo-Conservative with the American political spectrum here is how they would be perceived under the European political perspective:

Obama would be considered a moderate, McCain would be considered a far right winger, and Hillary would be considered right of center.

*Socialist parties are separate from communist parties in Europe. For example in the Republic of Hellenia there is PASOK which is a socialist party, and KKE which is the communist party. If you were to tell someone on the streets that socialism and communism are the same they would proceed to laugh in your face.

Finally, someone with a little sense out there.

\"We are frustrated at not making the playoffs. It is a good start. That is all it is. It is a good start for something that we are going to be in the future. - Josh Freeman
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