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#45 : October 21, 2008, 12:15:29 PM

lets just say there is a reason they stick Steven A to basketball. He knows NOTHING about football. Karen makes better predictions.


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#46 : October 21, 2008, 03:46:49 PM

Fisher is generally given a pass for most of his bad years because former GM Floyd Reese had a habit of annihilating the salary cap and forcing them to compete with a borderline NFL Europe roster for a couple years while cleaning it up. Kind of like Gruden.


Fisher is a great coach.  The guy knows how to get it done.  Even with that lesser talent, his teams were always competitive.  Fisher, Cowher, and Gruden are very similar head coaches.

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#47 : October 21, 2008, 04:29:29 PM

Speak of the devil....

Quote from: Cold, Hard Football Facts.com

We've loved Tennessee this year, putting the Titans in the top spot in our Power Rankings last week. And the way the defense has played, it's easy to see why they're No. 1 among the Cold, Hard Football Facts and (as if the others matter) among virtually every other outlet in the seedy underworld of online gridiron analysis.
But there is a reason to temper the enthusiasm: the Titans have played nobody.
Tennessee is one of just two teams after Week 7 that's yet to face a single Quality Team (the other, by the way, is the high-flying Steelers). And that usually spells bad news, long term, for any team.
After all, it's rare to beat up on a weak schedule and then prove you belong with the big boys in the playoffs. Doesn't mean it hasn't happened before. After all, the 1972 Dolphins proved you can build a fairly good reputation beating up weak teams (they famous undefeated Dolphins faced just two teams with winning records all year and both, the 8-6 Giants and 8-6 Chiefs, were barely over .500). It does mean that, for the time being, we're impressed by the Titans - we're just not printing their name on the Super Bowl program just yet.
One team that does look fairly awesome, and has yet to generate much buzz nationally, is Tampa. They topped the Cold, Hard Football Facts Relativity Index last week. This top spot told us that the Bucs had performed well against good competition.
The Quality Standings this week merely prove that they're playing (and, more importantly, beating) tough opponents. The Bucs are a stunning 4-1 against Quality Teams already this year. To put that into perspective, the entire NFC East, considered by many the best division in football (we continue to refer to it as the Glamour Division) boasts five wins against Quality Opponents combined.
The entire NFC North, AFC North and AFC South have claimed just one win over a Quality Team.
The Bucs have claimed four Quality Wins (more than those three divisions combined), with wins over the Falcons, Bears, Packers and Panthers.
That's impressive. As we said a couple weeks ago, don't sleep on the Bucs. Don't sleep on wet spots or on park benches. But certainly don't sleep on the Bucs.


FRG is the most logical poster on this board.  You guys just don\'t like where the logical conclusions take you.

#48 : October 21, 2008, 04:32:25 PM

^^ funny ^^


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#49 : October 21, 2008, 04:36:36 PM

B-E-A- utiful  and true take out that 1st loss the Aints squeaked by with and we are 5 for 5 with quality wins. If Tampa goes into Dallas and smashes them farther into the ground on Defense it will only make the case stronger.
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