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#45 : November 17, 2008, 03:43:33 PM

Joe, you can list as many as you want. It still doesn't deal with the attitude of Arab nations to females, in leadership roles or not. They get their bias from their religion and the Koran. It doesn't change. They don't care about being PC. Christians adjust their beliefs to reflect whatever is acceptable in the current society. Muslims don't. They willingly die for their beliefs. We don't. We invaded their domain and armed their mortal enemy. They feel justified in attacking us any way they can. Some Americans question our agenda. A female leader of the "free" world is not going improve our chances at a peaceful resolution.

As for mentioning my wife, I feel she is relevant to the discussion. I am extremely proud of her. I just don't want to see her working in the trade when she is 60 years old. Her limitations are height and physical strength. Women in the trades get preferential treatment when faced with jobs beyond their abilities. Men get special treatment only when they get old after decades of taking their rightful turn at the dirty and dangerous jobs.

I have nothing against equal opportunity. I would just like a little more common sense when it comes to the qualifications. We need people in the work place with the ability to succeed at whatever they are doing. An employer wants productivity and profit. Our laws don't consider that a priority.

I believe you are overlooking a strong feminist movement within the Arabs countries, both in the "public" and "private" arenas. You put forth opinions that may have been common in years past but the times they are changing.

There is also growing reforms taken in regards to how the Koran is interpretted, which has through most of history, been interpretted by men with a bias towards men. These practices are being questioned with more regularity then ever before so your statement that "it doesn't change" does not hold as much weight as it might once have.

I believe you are overlooking the time frame of any meaningful change. What America has done in half a century will take ten times that in Muslim societies. It won't change enough to notice in my lifetime, and probably not in yours. They take their religion much more seriously than we do. There is no separation of church and state in the Middle East.
You really do not know much about Muslim society do you. The idea of separation of Church and State does not exist because there really is no centralized hierarchical organization in Islam. Muslim scholars can be individuals with a higher understanding of Oqu'an and mosques can be anywhere.

The rest of your statement is only your opinionated speculation.

As far as a time frame, again, who knows, I was merely pointing out that there is change that is being promoted by many that you seemeed to not know about.

I think any women of power could appeal to more people then you might imagine, especially a women with nuclear arms at her disposal.

\"The budget should be balanced; the treasury should be refilled; public debt should be reduced; and the arrogance of public officials should be controlled.\" -Cicero. 106-43 B.C.

#46 : November 18, 2008, 09:20:18 PM

I don't need another media source to tell me the Africa story was a subject for debate. I knew that was a lie immediately.

You may have recognized it but many didn't, many bought it, and obviously ran with it, which is typical of those that like to do their part to make someone that they don't like look stupid or ignorant.

I also knew that Sarah Palin's story that Barack Obama hung out with terrorists was a lie. If I were to serve on some community service committee with a bunch of Christians, that wouldn't make me one. A lie of omission is still a lie, and many of the McCain/Palin ads were lies. They lost a lot of Republican votes because of their negative campaign, some were prominent in the party and members of past administrations.

Bill Ayers was a terrorist, and said that he didn't do enough.  Obama has done all that he can to try and reduce this relationship.  Regardless if Ayers was a terrorist or not, he also is a self profressed marxist, which per Obama himself saught out marxist professors, so not to be a sellout.   They didn't lose Republicans because of negative ads, they lost because McCain is not a conservative candidate that he claimed to be.  They lost because all McCain could stand on was his war hero stories, outside of that there was little to be desired about McCain.

I don't want an ordinary mom in a position to run the country. I want an exceptional person, a person of high morals and intellect. We have had 8 years of a President who didn't have sense enough to keep his pants zipped up, and 8 more years of a C student with bad advisers. I would not want a female Commander-in-Chief unless she was a significantly superior option to her opponent. Sarah Palin will never fit that description.

Well, I guess you can throw that high morals argument out the window because Obama has already lied to you.  As far as the female Commander-in-Chief comment goes, so it is okay to support a minority, but forbid the idea that a woman ever gets elected is that it?  Sorry but I would rather have someone as far away from washington, and the POS lifer politicians there, as possible.  Sorry but there is a reason why there has been such a long stint from the last time a senator was elected as a POTUS.

We have a man as President elect who has all of the characteristics I want in a leader. He is compassionate, brilliant, decisive, and even tempered. He WILL be a refreshing change from the last 16 years of stupidity in the White House. I doubt that anything he does will directly effect me to any great extent, but he will help many Americans who are poor or in the middle class. He already has my admiration and respect for what he has done with his life. This man did not rely on affirmative action. He earned his way. I'm proud of him and proud of my country for recognizing we needed him. Hopefully, it will be 2016 before we have to look for his replacement. Hopefully then, brains will win out over lipstick.

Some high expectations for a politician if you ask me, especially from such a "decisive" one at that.  As far as the statement that you doubt that anything he does effects you, I guess it just depends on how soon he wants to increase taxes, because whether it is on that gray area-magic number that he spouted off 250,000 or was it 200,000?  No, 120,000.  No, 150,000.  Ask Obama, Biden, and co. what exactly IS the magic number that taxes are increased at....  Oh well, really doesn't matter because if he is as smart as you say he is, he'll not implement his tax plan during a recession right?  If at all, would be my hope, and I'm guessing the same is true for many companies out there that fall within that bracket, which many do.
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