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#30 : November 29, 2008, 09:28:12 AM

Yuccaneers..   youre being silly.  You know Bruce Allen isnt going to spend even HALF of what it will take to sign any of those players.  No way.     theyre going to bargin shop again, and find guys already playing for a arena football league, who have been sitting home for 2 years or even employed at Circuit City.   


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#31 : November 29, 2008, 11:25:06 AM

Haynsworth is a stud but comes with loads of baggage and once paid may turn out to be a worse dog then either BOOGER or Yatta...when you pay that much bread you want to get a guy like Faine who the team voted to be captain almost immediately...that guy is nothing like Faine at all...hes in his contract year sooo its a big risk imo signing him to what will be a huge contract...but on the plus side we will have one crazy dee that could put us in the big show quite a few times...hell on second thought lets throw caution to the wind ...if we signed him we'd be odds on favorites without signing anyone else and could even start Josh Johnson at qb and still win ;D ;D ;D


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#32 : November 29, 2008, 12:45:02 PM

Vilma's a bad fit. Haynesworth I can see BA breaking open the piggy bank for. He won't overpay for a guy that will have his current roster lining up at his door looking to renegotiate. That's a very large reason the Bucs don't hand out contracts left and right.

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#33 : November 29, 2008, 03:35:40 PM

We have to remember even with all the money we will have available, their is a lot of in house stuff to be done. Many contracts need to be negotiated on our team and multiple players will get some big pay raises... not too mention the resigning of our own FAs. Building through the draft will be our main focus, alon with adding probably 1 high priced FA and renegotiating a lot of our own players.

So if we only sign 1 expensive FA, IMO it should be the biggest difference maker at DT this league has seen since #99. That would be Albert. Sign him and then work on your other big needs through the draft while also filling needs with cheaper low risk high reward type contracts.. like if we decide to move on from one of our 2 starting CBs, IMO, you add a guy like Vasher with injury problems, if he is released... or you could add a guy coming off of injury in Robinson, however you have to subtract one of your starters to add him IMO. Only other way you add another expensive vet, IMO, is if a QB becomes available, ala McNabb. IMO, he will be available through trade, and I would either trade a 3rd rounder, not sure about a 2nd, or I would trade a future pick that has conditions like the Favre deal for NYJ.

At WR I would like to make our additions through the draft and retain what we have now, outside of Galloway, and possibly even Hiliard. I think our WR core could become pretty good if our 2nd rounder develops at WR, which I honestly think the kid can, and if we can add a true number 1 WR in the draft and possibly even another WR later on. If we don't make a move for a QB before the draft, I would not be opposed to going up and getting Crabtree. However waiting on Bey or Maclin could work out too. Percy is also an option.

At RB I like what we have for the future... Caddy + Graham + Smith is a very formidable backfield, that could end up being great depending on the development of Smith and Caddy.

DT can be solved through FA... however if a pass rushing DT falls into the 2nd or 3rd, you make the move and get them.

I would love to add another CB in the draft if we don't get one in FA... Alphonso Smith would be an ideal fit to have opposite Talib for years.

Also, if another DE falls to us that can become a big force... you can't pass on that idea either. Our pass rush needs help, inside and out. It would be ideal to land both Suggs and Albert, but lets be honest, ideal, is not always realistic.

Should be an exciting off season to say the least.


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#34 : November 30, 2008, 01:34:26 AM

List of Bucs Free Agents:

S Will Allen
WR Antonio Bryant
CB Phillip Buchanon
DE Kevin Carter
WR Michael Clayton
QB Jeff Garcia
DT Jovan Haye
QB Luke McCown
OT Donald Penn(RFA)
S Jermaine Phillips
DT Ryan Sims
TE Jerramy Stevens



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#35 : November 30, 2008, 01:38:36 AM

I bet Haynesworth will resign with the Titans after this season. If he doesn't, give him a blank check to get him in pewter.

If we can't get McNabb in FA, I am ready for the Bucs to get a franchise QB in the 1st.


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#36 : November 30, 2008, 01:46:46 AM

Vilma's a bad fit.

What makes you say this?  If his knees are healthy I think he could be an absolute stud in our system.

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#37 : November 30, 2008, 01:59:19 AM

Knowing the team is going to have some player movement this off-season as of now must can see a few positions of need along with a few other questions surrounding a few more.

Based off of not much actual thought here are some things I would like to see happen this off-season.

In free agency there are 8 players that could be added to the Bucs that could but the team over the top for the next 5 years.

DT Albert Haynesworth  - Best interior player in the game

DE Terrell Suggs -  would allow Adams to shift to the the other side where his speed would be more useful

CB Daunta Robinson - With Barber slowing down Robinson could come on the cheap considering he is coming off a knee injury, solid tackler

S Sean Jones or Brodney Pool - Young decent in coverage solid tacklers  -With both Will Allen and Phillips being free agents think Phillips will comand more then either Pool or Jones adn would allow the team some insurance in case Sabby isnt ready.

OLB Jonathan Vilma - Can play either inside or outside has some familiarity with the Tampa 2 with Brooks nearing the end and June having only one more season left on his contract.

WR Lance Moore - Would allow the team release Galloway and bring him back if he still has anything left

OT Max Starks - Gives the team insurance incase of an injury to either Penn or Trueblood who has played both the right and left side.

Sign McNabb after the Eagles cut him

1. Jeremy Maclin WR
2. LeSean  McCoy RB
3. Vance Walker DT
4. Joe Burnett CB
5. Ramses Barden WR
6. Connor Barwin DE
7. Marquez Bronson FB

QB McNabb / McCown / Johnson
RB Graham / Williams / McCoy
FB  Askew  / Bronson
TE Smith  /Stevens / Gilmore
WR Bryant / Clayton / Moore / Maclin / Barden / Stovall
OT Penn / Trueblood / Starks / Lee
G Joseph / Sears / Zuttah
C Faine / Mahan

DE Suggs / Adams / White / Wilkerson / Barwin
DT Haynesworth / Hovan / Walker / Sims
OLB Vilma / June / Brooks / Hayes / Black
MLB Ruud / Hayward
CB Barber / PBuc / Talib / Robinson / Burnett
S Jackson / Jones / Sabby / Allen

Hell no to Max Starks, and Vilma.

I would take Albert in a heartbeat.  Pay the man.  Someone will, and someone is going to be better because of it.

Man, I wish the BUcs had Shaun Rogers...


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#38 : November 30, 2008, 09:30:06 AM

Mike Vick to the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones needs some gimmicks to open his new stadium with. Of all the teams out there, this might be the only one with a realistic chance. A returner, slash-type of QB, line him up in the slot or backfield on occasion, sell some tickets. Jones would be the only owner I think would have the cajones to try this.

I think Vick will end up in Oakland.

I am wondering if the will be able to get back in the league... not the record - more the PR...  gonna be a tough sell to convince folks he paid his price...

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#39 : November 30, 2008, 11:35:12 AM


I would love to see us land Haynesworth...how anyone cannot recognize that the interior pass rush from both the UT/DT positions has been our weakness is blind

I'd be in favor of landing either Macklin, Heyward-Bey or Crabtree in Round 1

I'd re-sign Phillips to ensure consistency in the secondary.

Vilma would be a good fit, either at MLB or SLB w/ June and the FSU rookie competing for WLB

I also wouldn't mind grabbing Ingleias in Round 2 and a another big corner to groom behind P-Buc.

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