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: December 04, 2008, 04:48:41 PM


(On 9-3 opportunities not coming along very often)
"No, they don't. And again, it goes to show you how different every year is and how
impressive it is. At the same time, because you stay in the moment so much, you can't sit
back and look at it as an accomplishment right now. That's where we're at. We've
positioned ourselves to be one of the lead teams entering the fourth quarter and we've just
got to continue to take it on a game-by-game basis."

(On what he tells younger players at this point)
"Just stay focused and don't get overwhelmed by everything outside the game. That's
really my message.”

(On if Monday Night Football is special to the players)
"Everything outside of football, that's what they make it to be, and deservingly so
because it's a national TV game and a lot goes into the production of a Monday night
game. You've just got to appreciate it. Over the years, our opportunities have not been
very many to be playing on Monday night. Again, you just take advantage of the
opportunity when it's given. But as I said earlier, you've still got to wire in on playing
football. When you get through all the singing and the sparks and the fireworks, there's a
game to be played and we've really got to continue to stay wired into the game itself."

(On any worries he has facing the Panthers)
“You know what, my thing is nothing really worries me about them, except for the fact
that they’re a good football team, and that’s what we’re up against. And it’s not a worry;
it’s just excitement, because it’s going to be great competition, no matter what.”

(On how big the game at Carolina is)
“It’s real big, and at this point every game we play is big. We’re really looking to get in a
groove late in the season, and we really can’t afford any mistakes, and we’re not going to
take any game for granted. Every game means something to us, and we’ll just play one
game at a time like we’ve done.”

(On if Carolina is the biggest rival)
“I would say yes. Regardless of how it turns out or what the records are between the two
teams, it’s always a battle, and right now everything is at stake. We feel like we control
our own destiny, I’m sure that they feel the same. It’s a real important game on
primetime TV, everybody’s watching it, and it’s going to be a great feeling.”

(On playing on national TV)
“It means a lot for both teams to say that we’ve put in a lot of hard work, we’ve had to
come a long way, and we’ve had to play great football early in the season. To be where
we are, to be playing a Carolina team as good as they are, on primetime TV, it’s going to
be a good game, a real good game.”

(On the upcoming game vs. Carolina)
“It’s the next one, it’s the biggest one. I mean you look at two teams, both 9-3, fighting
for first place in the division, for a playoff opportunity. It’s definitely a big game.”

(On Carolina being a different team from the first meeting this season)
“They’re a good football team, good defensive football team, very sound. They’re
explosive offensively, very sound in the running game. They have some big-play
receivers that can make plays; [QB Jake] Delhomme does a good job of leading the team.
So it’s going to be a battle, it’s going to be a great NFC South showdown, and we’re
excited about it.”

(On resiliency of the Bucs on the road)
“You have to spread the credit throughout the team. Everybody knows about our
defense. They play great football; they’ve been able to allow us to get back into football
games by keeping the game fairly close and giving us a chance to finally get going
offensively. Special teams has had a big part in creating field position for this team.
Clifton Smith and the rest of the group on special teams, whether it’s kickoff return or
punt return, have done an excellent job creating big runs, creating field position
opportunities for our offense, creating a short field. And then finally, offensively,
needing to find a way to start faster, start better in games, but finding ways throughout
the game to finally put some drives together, put some points on the board, scratch and
claw our way back into games, finding a way to get a lead and holding onto that lead.
It’s just been a tremendous amount of resiliency amongst the entire team, and also a
certain fight that never ends. So when you have that type of team, no matter what the
situation is in the game, we feel like we’re capable of coming back; we’re capable of
stringing together some drives; we’re capable of doing the necessary things that we need
to do in order to find a way to win the football game.”

(On his excitement for the Monday night game)
“I’m very excited. On a national stage for all the marbles. This is what you play football
for. Division game, winner goes on, playoff implications.”

(On RB DeAngelo Williams)
“He is very dynamic. He is an inside-outside runner and has great acceleration through
the hole. He is everything that the Panthers thought that he was going to be when they
drafted him. The offensive line is doing a great job opening up holes for the kid and he is
making great plays out there. He is hot.”

(On WR Steve Smith)
“We always have to be conscious of where he is on the field.”

(On slowing Smith down)
“Just minimize the big plays. He has a lot of yards after the catch, a lot of deep balls.
He’s averaging over 15 yards a catch, so minimize the big plays and once he catches the
ball, minimize the gains.”

(On the Panthers’ defensive line)
“We played them in the first game and they were one of the best defensive lines we’ve
played against. They’re a physical D-line, so we’re looking forward to playing against
teams like this.”

(On if he expects a different game than the last time the teams met)
“They’ve had a heck of a season at home, 6-0. We’re just going to have to be on our
game as we go in, go out through the week and have good practices and be ready to try to
go in on Monday night and have a good game.”

(On games getting more important in December)
“Yeah, this is when you’ve got to be on. You’ve got to end the season on a good note
going into the playoffs.”

(On if he looks at this game as whoever wins will likely win the division)
“I just look at it as another game, even though it’s an in-division game. Like I said, we’ve
got to go out and practice this week and get ready to go in Monday and have a good

(On if he is looking forward to his first Monday Night Game)
“Definitely, my first Monday Night game under the lights and in front of the nation, I’m
always ready for it.”

(On if he can help determine the outcome with a big play)
“Whatever situation my coach puts me in and my teammates can help out, it would be
great to make a big play.”

(On what he knows about their special teams play)
“They have the number one kickoff coverage team in the NFL. They are really fast and
physical. They get down the field really fast and you just have to find a way to dissect

(On if the Bucs win over Carolina earlier means anything now)
"I don't think so. I think if anything they're going to want to come out with an even more
of a chip on their shoulder and prove to them it was a fluke. To us, we want to come out
and prove that we're a good team and we're going to play Buc ball and see where it goes
from there. As long as we play hard, the rest will take care of itself."

(On the Panthers' defense)
"Their defense is a great defense. I think that's a lot of the reason why they're 9-3. It's
obvious if you watch them on film that their defense flies around. Their defensive line is
a great defensive line, that linebacking corps is good, they've got good DBs, they've got
them all. We've got our hands full but we're ready for the challenge."

(On Monday's game)
"This is a playoff game during the regular season, if you will. It's big not only because
we're on Monday night but it means something.”

(On if it matters to the Bucs that they are not getting much national recognition)
"Not unless it helps us with our record, and it doesn't. It's great to have it, but at the same
time we're quietly 9-3 and we'll take it. We would like to be quietly 10-3, 11-3…it
doesn't matter what other people say."

(On if the defensive line is feeling like the pass rush is getting where it needs to be)
"Yes and no. We don't want to peak too soon. We've still got a long way to go. We're
trying to rush smart, if you can believe that. We're really trying to be smart on how we
pass rush, when we pass rush and what stunts work best when we do pass rush."

(On what he expects to feel when he walks into the stadium)
“To be honest with you, I’m real excited. We all know that’s where the big tragedy
happened. Me personally, I’m really looking forward to it. It’s going to be fun.”

(On if there’s any unfinished business he can finish off by playing well in Carolina)
“No doubt. First of all, it’s a big game regardless. Whoever wins can pretty much control
their own destiny. That alone will have you going, and then Monday Night Football and
then add on what took place there last year with me. I’m fired up and ready to play.”

(On being able to say he’s back now after playing there again)
“No doubt. I think this place can kind of put all away the whispers and doubters and get
them on the bandwagon. What other place to do it than Carolina? It’s going to be a great
football game.”


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#1 : December 04, 2008, 04:51:56 PM

Penn needs to strap it on again this week (and Trueblood too)...Peppers is the only matchup that really worries me...he's been playing lights-out the past couple of months...


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#2 : December 04, 2008, 05:27:06 PM

Yuc, thanks.  Thats really a lot of fun to ohear what they have to say even if it is "player-speak".
Sounds like Brooks has them all trained properly...


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#3 : December 04, 2008, 05:40:35 PM

Thx love the quotes and no bulletin board material.. I just love our team..  I think this is a tight knit group that is only going to get better in the next 4 weeks.. I think we are peaking at the right time..

Bucs-Lightning already World Champions. Rays Next!!!



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#4 : December 04, 2008, 07:07:10 PM

This is a very smart group of guys . I cannot wait for Monday night! ;D
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