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: December 11, 2008, 05:52:39 PM

Thursday, December 11, 2008

(on the day of practice)
"Strange day today. Pouring down rain and then sunny and then rain."

(on injuries)
"Our injury list: Jovan [Haye] and Chris Hovan did just a little bit, very limited; Sean
Mahan did just a little bit, limited; Jeremy Zuttah returned, limited; Michael Clayton
practiced; Jeff Garcia, limited; and Brian Griese was limited to a degree."

(on if Jeff Garcia's injury is a concern)
"It's a concern. It's a calf injury. It's not the same part of the calf [as Garcia's training
camp injury] but it is a concern. Hopefully he can get well within the next day or two.
We need him."

(on if Luke McCown has been taking a lot of the snaps)
"Yeah, Luke has been taking a lot of snaps and Brian [Griese] is going to work himself
back in tomorrow. That's the first time really in the last few months, couple months, that
we've seen him throwing the ball as well as he is, so that's a good sign for us."

(on if it would be important to clinch a playoff spot this weekend)
"Making the tournament is a great accomplishment. I saw a team last year win the whole
thing getting this position in the tournament. We've got to take care of business – we've
got to win a game. We haven't had a two-game losing streak this season; we want to
maintain that. It's very important that we bounce back from a loss. I think that's what
good teams do. We've got some injuries here that are concerning. Possibly some guys
are going to have to step up. But our goal is always to make the tournament. That gives
you a chance to win the Super Bowl if you're in the tournament."

(on how Phillip Buchanon has played this year)
"He's done an excellent job. I can't say enough about our secondary. I really consider
that a strength of this football team. Phillip's played very solid week-in and week-out.
He's covered well, he's tackled better than he's ever tackled, I think. We change
coverages. A lot of people think we're just a Tampa Two team; we're not that. We're
playing a lot of different things. I think Raheem Morris has done a heck of a job with our
secondary and Phillip Buchanon is obviously a very talented athlete and he fits in here
well. He's really doing some good things."

(on if he sees it as a possibility that some of the injured players can be limited all week
but still play on Sunday)
"Yeah, I do. I see that as a possibility. We'll do the best we can to do what's right. We'll
talk to the player that's injured, talk to the training staff, the people that are experienced
and educated enough to make these calls. Obviously you need your best players to win at
this time of year."

(on why it's hard to win on the road in the NFL)
"My personal feeling is, it's hard to win period. If you just look around the league, weekin,
week-out, if you just go back and look at the preseason picks there are a lot of shocks.
It's hard to win. It's hard to win anywhere, on the road or at home.”

(on Ike Hilliard's role)
"I think he's second on our team in receptions. He's still close to 40 catches, I think, for
the season. We've got a lot of guys. I don't know how many guys we have in double
digits catching the football but we probably rival anyone in the league. Our tight ends are
a big factor here. Jerramy Stevens has helped us. Ike's had a solid year. Michael
Clayton's played good. But we've got a lot of guys that are catching the ball – Warrick
Dunn. B.J. Askew is a factor now in the passing game. We're one of those teams that
tries to utilize all five eligibles. Hopefully we can get some more to Ike here as we

(on the tight end group)
"We start the game last week with three of them on the field. We usually have a tight end
or two on the field and sometimes three. All three guys have caught the ball, they have
all scored touchdowns for us and they're all very functional in the passing game. They're
good to have on your team. They're good, reliable football players, they're team guys and
they can serve a lot of roles for you. They're a strength of ours. We feel real good about
that group of guys."

(on B.J. Askew as a short-yardage back)
"He got three of them I think last week and there was some good thumping going on on
those three plays. Our guys up front did a great job and B.J. Askew will become more
and more of a factor in that role as the season unfolds. Hopefully Carnell Williams will
as well. We lost a real good short-yardage runner and goal-line back in Earnest [Graham]
and those two guys will pick up the slack for us."


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#1 : December 12, 2008, 01:24:36 PM

Hopefully we can get some more to Ike here as we
I agree with this! Is his shoulder not healed, or why is he not getting the ball?
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