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We all know the prominent names for the 1st round pick.  However, who's looking nice as bottom first round guy?  You know a good player that might get pushed out of the first round because of underclassmen?  Of course a guy who is inline with our needs...

Bucs fans,

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds, president Hugh MacArthur and I are available to answer your Bucs- and NFL-related questions on a daily basis on the Pewter Insider message board. It's our job to deliver the inside scoop and expert analysis you crave on a regular basis, but we also pride ourselves with interacting with our readers and subscribers and making ourselves available to Bucs fans as often as possible.

We will be able to do an even better job of that now by conducting a regular Podcast, and Pewter Report wants you, our loyal readers and the die-hard Bucs fans, to run the show. That said, please submit your Bucs-related questions in this message board thread.

Scott and I can't promise to answer all of them, but we will try to pick out the best ones and have it dictate which direction each Podcast goes in. We will answer the questions, but Bucs fans will run the show.

Scott and I have made our radio shows available in the podcast feature in the past and will continue to do so, but these particular podcasts will be made in-house, and we're confident Bucs fans will enjoy them, especially during what will be one of the most exciting and critcal offseasons in Bucs history.

Our first Pewter Report Podcast will be made available on on Tuesday, Jan. 16. We will try to do our next one a week later whie we're at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. Not to worry, we'll post new threads that will allow you to post new questions.

We also have plans to start hosting a weekly chat session on, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we look forward to reading and answering your questions in our Pewter Report Podcasts. Please keep your question(s) in this thread.

Thanks, and take care.

Jim Flynn
Pewter Report

Jolly Roger:
Couple of questions:

1.  Issue 4 of the 2005 season's article "Teamwork" talked a great deal about the coaches and GM being on the same page.  In light of this, how much weight can we put on Joe Barry's "frustration/feud" with Bruce Allen.  Everyone knew he was "out-the-door" at the end of the season.  Did this affect the development of some of the younger LBs?  Can any of the defense's slide be attributed to this?

2.  In 2005 there were several reports that stated Gruden was interested in Alex Smith.  The reasoning was that the Bucs didn't think that they would have a high draft pick any time in the near future and so it might their only chance to draft a highly-touted QB in the first round.  Gruden has repeatedly said that he/this franchise needs a great QB.  Not a good one, a great one.  With that said, if - hypothetically - the Bucs were to land a QB with their first round pick would that "buy" Gruden more time to develop this QB.   

3.  What role, if any, did moving into One Buccaneer Palace have in the Bucs struggling this year?

4.  Why have the Bucs struggled with their Day 2 picks in recent years?

karen anderson:
Why did the 2 Defense coaches brought in this past year do so badly?

Why is Gruden reluctant to open the game (first quarter) with three wide receivers on the field?


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