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Petrino Was Bucs Choice for OC in 2001

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who cares?


--- Quote from: yuccaneers on January 15, 2007, 12:40:10 AM ---This is McKay just tring to let the cat out of the bag by saying that Petriono was his choice, for someone who is so smart he really say some dumd stuff sometimes.

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Basically as you said it's McKay showing he had a large say in the hiring.


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Tony had some control but not all of the control with his staff. Since when was Tony Dungy the GM as well?

I will take it one step further. Lets assume Tony had 100% control of his staff okay? Tony described Les Steckel's offense and play calling to risky right? If Tony thought Les' offense was to wide open what do you think Petrino's offense is? Les Steckel's offense was a methodical offense not designed to gain huge chunk of yardage. Granted Petrino ran a far more conservative offense with the Jags then he has with the Louisville but large chunks of yardage was a big part of that offense. Brunnell did not put up career numbers in Petrino's offense but it was radically different from the offense Les ran.

Like I said that is a slap in the face of Tony and Mckay trying to distance himself from what occured. Tony had some control of the staff but McKay had the power to overrule him but did not (McKay was the GM)! If you ask me that is McKay trying to cover his tracks.

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HC has control over his assistants, or should. GM's hire HC's, HC's hire assistants. Petrino might have been McKay's choice but he clearly wasn't Dungy's choice and we see who hired the assistants. Recall, McKay wanted to hire Cam Cameron to pair with Marvin Lewis so McKay clearly wasn't looking for 3 yards and a cloud ' dust. We all know Les wasn't Dungy's choice and as soon as he could reassert control in 2001 he canned him.

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Dungy had full power of his coaching staff-- it was in his contract. The only time he was over ruled was by the Glazers that told him in 99 Scula goes or everyone goes.He made the push for Steckle through the Christian coaches coalition or whatever it was he belonged to. I can remember it from both he and Steckle's interview from when he was hired. He knew Les pretty well. Les said it was refreshing to be working for such a devout christian man. Les and Tony butted heads because Les wasn't a 3yd and a cloud of dust guy either-- anyone recall that first Bears game that year-- Green and King were lighting it up and Dungy shut it down after the first half to all ball control and was angry about not controlling the clock more-- they said at that point Steckle became a little nuts about not having control of the game plans and making the plays he wanted to run and ostricized himself from the coaching staff and actually would call plays in games that were not scripted (risk reward plays the fake spike in NE for example)-- they worked too-- he only had the highest scoring offense for a then 1/4 century old franchise.

As for the contract piece I remember hearing of that when it happened that he elevated Christensen. Especially since after Les's firing it was well known that alot of folks wanted Bruce Arians and Dungy refused-- they said it would be his demise because he was too loyal to the Cluade. As for Petrino it was McKay who lobbied for Arians at the time so i dont know where he comes up with Petrino all of a sudden-- all the media rants pointed to Arians. then againd consider the source McKay after al was always a lawyer first.

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: Falcons GM Rich McKay revealed that new Falcons coach Bobby Petrino was the Bucs' top choice to be the offensive coordinator to replace Les Steckel in 2001.

Petrino was the Jaguars' quarterbacks coach at the time, and when McKay asked the Jaguars for permission to speak to Petrino, he was denied. The Jags then promoted Petrino to offensive coordinator.

The Bucs settled on Clyde Christensen and the rest, as they say, is history.

You have to wonder, though, what would have happened with Dungy, McKay and the Bucs had Petrino been allowed to come to Tampa.

That's an interesting 20/20.  I had never heard that one and can't recall Petriono's name being thrown out there as a possibility in 2001 as our OC.  I really didn't mind Steckel but Petrino would have been an interesting hire to lead the offense.  Of course Clyde became the man eventually and it was over from there.

As Cummings says, you would have to wonder about the future course of the Bucs and those involved at that point in time had the Jags given the Bucs permission to talk with and eventaully hire Petrino as OC.

wouldn't have changed much, we still would have had Jacka$$ Green and Anthony ... lol j/k - anything would have been better than ole Clyde.


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