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If Marty couldn't get there with THIS team...

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I don't think he'll ever get there. Just my opinion.

ummm no, maybe gruden should coach them?

I agree.  I have watched this classy coach lose to some of the best QB's in the history of the NFL.  Too bad he wasn't coaching a NFC team!

That was tough beat! Wasn't really Martys fault in my book. You have Florence being an idiot after a 3 and 17 stop, getting a personal foul that resulted in a 1st down. You have Mcree pick a pass off on 4th and 11 with 6:40 on the clock and then he fumbles. Parker fumbles a punt and instead of falling on it tries to pick it up...

I mean he could have gotten Tomlinson the ball a tad more IMHO but they really killed themselves, the players. They were just not the patriots. They were better but just made too many mental mistakes...

Did anyone see Tomlinson go after Hobbs when the game was over? He was pissed!

The Chargers beat themselves with dumb penalties.  That being said, Bellicheck did more with less talent...he could possibly be the greatest coach in all of football, imo.


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