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Brohm staying put


Its all over the news here. No Brohm in the 2007 draft...

this was just posted.........

damn somone is on time around here! I just saw the press conference!

or someone else just dosent have a JOB!!!!!

Gotta have priorities¬†  ;D


--- Quote from: Cvillebucfan on January 15, 2007, 09:07:09 AM ---damn somone is on time around here! I just saw the press conference!

--- End quote ---

Bradentonian is always on top of the news! ;)

haha, that funny! Yeah we had to work today, that is BS, but for another topic. Yeah people here in town have been dying to see what Brohm would do. I didn't think he would go pro but then after the shakeup and Petrino and Bush leaving I figured he would jump. Oh well.

Bradentonian must be, that is crazy, he had it posted before the press conference! Freaking chris mortensen!

Damn.  Looks like USF may have some competition for the Big East title after all next year.

At least we get them at home. Last time we played them at Ray Jay we won 45-13.  :o ;D

Boid Fink:
Not a big fan of Brohms either.


--- Quote from: Boid Fink on January 15, 2007, 03:31:18 PM ---Not a big fan of Brohms either.

--- End quote ---

exactly, I could honestly care less weather Brohms plays this year, next year, or in 2009......


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