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Senior Bowl and the Draft


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--- Quote ---In truth, NFL championships are rarely bought; they’re built. That’s why the league’s draft is so important. As enticing as the free agent market appears each season, there’s no substitution for executing an effective draft. It is through this method that most teams build their core.

With that in mind, this year’s draft provides the Buccaneers the opportunity to strengthen several areas on the team. And by the time April rolls around, the organization will certainly have an intimate knowledge of many of the potential draftees; indeed the work has been underway for months and will get another boost next week when Tampa Bay’s coaching staff directs the North squad at the 2007 Senior Bowl. Barring a trade, the Buccaneers will eventually decide which of the hundreds of draft-eligible young men is worthy of the third or fourth overall pick.
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I really hope our scouting department is actually going to do some scouting this year other than at the senior bowl. If they screw up this draft I'm really going to be pissed.


ronde bear:
whaat a tool. I would match up the Bucs personnel department (including gruden and fellow coaches) against any other

But Ronde....BB's all stars (Justice and Giles) were awesome they outplayed Davin and True from the bench.

I guess we always hope our team doesn't screw up the draft. Having said that, what would cause you to worry?  The current regime has done a pretty good job with the picks they have had.


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