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#135 : January 20, 2007, 04:08:10 PM

Remember at the time of the draft we had Terry, Walker, Colmer, and Tucker all in the mix for ROT and OG.  I'm not saying that's a group of studs or anything, but it didn't appear to be a pressing need.  Especially not as pressing as LOT, where we didn't have ANYONE qualified to play.  Ideally, had you addressed LOT in the draft or offseason, you move Davis over to ROT or OG and the rest of those guys fight for the remaining spot.  Either way, I still believe True would have been there in the 3rd.  Several teams got their current or future ROT starters later in the draft (Winston-HOU-3rd, Scott-DET-5th, O'Callaghan-NE-5th, Pennington-BUF-7th, and you could make a case for Moll-GB-5th and Streif-NO-7th).  Either way I would have liked to have seen us address other needs in the 2nd.

I agree that you can score your ROT later but that list you had has nothing on it that says we don't need another player. I agree about moving Davis, always have. I have questions about how good a player True is but where he was selected, not as much as I have an issue with where Davin went.

All posts are opinions in case you are too stupid to figure that out on your own without me saying it over and over.


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#136 : January 21, 2007, 10:26:45 AM

If you were so well aware dont term it a back injury-- injuries heal- spinal stenosis doesn't. Your welcome for the defintion you apparently knew

I didn't even term it a back injury. Heh, you argue the least relevant thing, and don't even get that right. My point was, he had a health question about him undoubtedly. How big of one, who knows? But he never had injury problems and his health in college never really was an issue. He wasn't banged up because of the condition or otherwise at Auburn. Colmer was the opposite, seeing a handful of injuries and missing a whole year recovering directly due to his disease. Poor comparison, IMO.

This and you didn't even touch on the meat of my post.

Once again, thank you for nothing my friend.....

The meat of your post was a statement of facts-- Whats the sense in arguing facts. I thought the post was good. There was nothing to argue. IMO NE drafts better-- but thats opinion.

As for the prior you said in one of your posts he had no lingering injury. Yet he did and thats when Auburn found out about his stenosis and he rarely practiced at all his senior season.

As was pointed out in draft bios. "...Bends at the waist, lacks balance and seems sluggish at times. Has a long history of back problems, which prevented him from practicing most of his senior season..."

The reports were he had so much pain after game days at Auburn that he was unable to practice and coaching held him out for just game times. If thats not banged up-- I dont know what is. I am pretty sure that report doesn't bode too well for 2 and 3 a days 5 days a week in TC. And San Diego hasn't even found that out yet because he missed alot of time with the hand surgery in August while with SD.

You termed it, "He had no lingering injuries." (I assumed you meant his back since there was no other injury questions) I replied Injuries heal -- Stenosis doesn't. Thats all I was saying and you reply a little pissy with thanks for nothing. Whether you knew it or not I could care less but thats why I replied again. As for it being the least relevant and I got it wrong--- I could have sworn this topic was about what could have been and IMO and I am sure the opinion of the Bucs FO was -- do not draft him because of the Stenosis. They couldn't afford the gamble.

The gamble for a 3rd rd and 1st rd pick is far different in the Colmer situation. Colmer had a shoulder injury caused by a virus and all reports were the virus had to runs it's course and he would then be able to play again- fully healed. Before his injury the guy was projected 1st round. So taking a flyer in the 3rd is far different than blowing a 1st on a maybe, especially when you just got burnt by a third round maybe.

Those who wanted McNeill thought we should have taken him in the first-- let not forget he wasn't there in the second. Would also seem alot of the other teams around the league thought the same as he dropped mid-late 2nd.


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#137 : January 21, 2007, 10:34:10 AM

look at it this way MadMac. McNeil might not have a very long career if his back problems flair up.

On the other hand we got a stud Guard in Davin Joseph and have a shot a getting Joe Thomas in the first this year. That combo along with Dan Beuening, Sean Mahan and Jeremy Trueblood can anchor this line for years to come.
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