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#45 : January 23, 2009, 07:40:15 PM

ah, "i see" said the blind man. my bad fellas, guess i should take a break from this board. been too invested in my emotions. sorry

quiet? it's been a minute and a half.

lol, karma is a beautiful thing...

you constantly preach about reading comprehension as if you were the lord of all things to do with it, now you look a fool...........AGAIN!

too funny!

again? i see you still have a whole lot to say in that other thread.. ;)

the irony is hilarious, i was waiting for you to point out the obvious...

you are welcome!


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#46 : January 23, 2009, 09:51:04 PM

The reason Bush ended this was because many countries were using the money for population control and FORCED abortions.
Link, you nutjob?

Do some research on groups like Planned Parenthood and that's all you have to see...These pro-abortion organizations don't give a damn about the law.

And FYI, insulting other posters here is the best way to get banned.
Research on PP shows where they are forcing abortions? Too bad repetitive threads supporting your agenda isn't a bannable offense.

And FYI, insulting other posters here is the best way to get banned.

You're talking to the Queen Bee of Banning.
Get over your obsession, princess.


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#47 : January 26, 2009, 12:13:41 PM

Lack of knowledge? I pretty much proved my point that Planned Parenthood ignores child abuse. This has been documented many times by the media...






Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- Now that the woman in northwestern China who was six months pregnant has escaped a forced abortion, pro-life advocates are restarting their plea for incoming president Barack Obama not to fund the UNFPA.

They say the United Nations agency supports the family planning program that placed Arzigul Tursun in jeopardy in the first place.

As LifeNews.com reported Tuesday, Tursun was released from a hospital where she had been held captive awaiting a planned forced abortion. Chinese officials admitted the abortion would jeopardize her health and let her go.

Now leading pro-life advocates are pointing to the incident and the UNFPA's proven involvement in China's coercive one-child policy as a reason to continue de-funding the group as President Bush has done.

In total, Bush has revoked $240 million in taxpayer funding for the pro-abortion group since 2002, but Obama has pledged to renew annual payments to the group.

Rep. Chris Smith, a New Jersey congressman who led the efforts to lobby Chinese officials to release Tursun, says the incident makes it clear the UNFPA has done nothing to stop China from engaging in forced abortions.

“To forcibly abort a woman while the world watches in full knowledge of what is going on would make a mockery of [Beijing’s] claim that the central government disapproves of the practice, and of the U.N. Population Fund pretense that it has moderated the Chinese population planners’ cruelty,” Smith said.

Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, also commented on the ramifications of the incident.

Perkins told LifeNews.com that, if Obama carries through on his promise to fund UNFPA, "America will no longer be an innocent bystander of tragedies like this one. Instead, the U.S. will be knowingly funding forced abortions like Arzigul's with millions of taxpayer dollars."

He urged pro-life advocates to contact the future Obama administration and urge strong opposition to the funding.

Steven Mosher, the president of the Population Research Institute, says he is well aware of the link between the UNFPA and the forced-abortion one-child policy in China.

"We know. It was the Population Research Institute whose investigation in China led the Bush administration to cut off funding to the UNFPA for the past seven years," he said. "We have continued to monitor the situation in China, and we stand by our assertion that the UNFPA was--and is--involved in coercive abortions in China."

PRI's original report, entitled "UNFPA, China, and Coercive Family Planning," is based on an investigation conducted by PRI researchers in China's Sihui County.

Relying on interviews with over two dozen victims and witnesses, the 2001 investigation found that coercive abortion and sterilization practices were taking place in that county where the UNFPA had supposedly instituted a "client-centered and voluntary family planning program."

"In fact, PRI's investigation revealed that the UNFPA shared an office with the very Chinese family planning officials who were locking up women and carrying out forced abortions," Mosher said.

Mosher, too, says Obama must recant on his promise to fund the controversial United Nations agency.

"It would be a shame if Obama abandons both the women of China and one of his most high-profile backers in the name of the failed ideology of population control," he said.

"Americans don't want their money going to an organization--the UNFPA--which works hand-in-glove with China's population control police as they drag women off for forced abortions and forced sterilizations. In protecting American taxpayers from having to fund such atrocities, President Bush made the right call," Mosher concluded.


lol, you are clueless as to what PP actually does ... I gabe you several links before and I you chose to ignore those since they don't fit your agenda ... par for the course with you ...


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#48 : January 26, 2009, 12:18:05 PM

From the article:

The ban has been a political football between Democratic and Republican administrations since GOP President Ronald Reagan first adopted it 1984. Democrat Bill Clinton ended the ban in 1993, but Republican George W. Bush re-instituted it in 2001 as one of his first acts in office.


The Bush policy had banned U.S. taxpayer money, usually in the form of Agency for International Development funds, from going to international family planning groups that either offer abortions or provide information, counseling or referrals about abortion as a family planning method.

and this relates to a different order by Bush, which hasn't been overturned yet ....

In a move related to the lifting of the abortion rule, Obama is also expected to restore funding to the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA), probably in the next federal budget. Both he and Clinton had pledged to reverse a Bush administration determination that assistance to the organization violated U.S. law known as the Kemp-Kasten amendment.

The Bush administration had barred U.S. money from the fund, to contending that its work in China supported a Chinese family planning policy of coercive abortion and involuntary sterilization. UNFPA has vehemently denied that it does.

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