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I expect a BIG day from Caddy!

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THe Steelers and the Patriots shredded the Bengals D with runs right up the middle. Hopefully, Bruce will keep them honest in the passing game and we run the ball well. Time of possession will be huge today, we need some 10 play 7 minute scoring drives to keep the Bengals offense off the field.

or, we might get behind early, taking caddy out of the game plan all together...

Joseph has good push, so Caddy will be able to run right or left.  I can see our rushing game getting much better as this new right side of the O-line establish themselves.

caddy ran hard today.  his only mistake was reversing his field and eating that 6 yard loss in the second half. 

Caddy ran very well today. Gruden just didn't run him alot of times.


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