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Wow, FOX Pre-game reporting that the Bucs are engaged in a "Fire-sale"!

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Why did Mahan play so much yesterday?  Maybe it was mentioned on another thread, but was Buenning injured?  Or was he being showcased?

According to Jay Glazer we have offered up the house for anyone with the notable exception of Cadillac, Derrick Brooks, etc. He also mentioned that we offered up Anthony McFart.


Interestingly enough that work out yet. We don't have much time for it to work, either.

Tampa Bay Todd:
Booger's on the trade block? Now there's the kind of insight that only a person with deep NFL connections can get a hold of. (Heavy sarcasm implied.)

ill gladly take a mid round pick for booger... his time here is limited.

yeah i heard that too. Thats good . We need to make some aggreessive moves. Get a DT and a Safety and i think we will see big improvement on our defense as long as we tackle well. And if we trade Mc Farland that should save some cap room i think.

I think everyone suspected Booger Todd, but the fact that we have offered up virtually anyone on the team short of Williams, Brooks, and other recent first day picks is sort of crazy!

I hope some G.M. with more money than brains picks up Booger and we get a decent draft pick or player out of him. I think that's just wishful thinking though....

i saw the samething on CBS they had Booger, Simion and BK

CBs reports that Booger, Rice and Kelly are definatly up for trade


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