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where is the roll out

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its a thing that works and brings the safetys up, damn Gruden figure it out

Paging Ludacris

whats with the bombs away play on 2nd & 8, that brings up another boms away on 3rd & 8?  Whats wrong with a first down in that situation......

I wasn't too thrilled with the playcalling this half. Our playcalling last week was way better.

Lets see if we can come out in the 2nd half and call better plays and also execute a bit better.

I agree about the 1st half play calling, so hopefully the 2nd half is ours because the Bengals dont look that impressive to me.

Lets go Gruden put Grads in the best possible position to be successful today....

playcalling this, playcalling that... STFU unless you can do better, and I can guarentee you that you cant.  WE WON

Poor ICIT, get it together lady, nobody cares that you think we cant call a better game.  I do expect to see a better game called by Gruden though......and for being so ignorant with your post  :-* my arse.......

I am more of a man than you could ever dream of being, pole smoker.  Expect to get flamed when you make an idiotic post, and you have.  BUT THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS, you suck

Jeez ICIT, stop posting till you're sober, scato has a point.  I don't think I saw a SINGLE designed rollout, and thats odd, when you have a mobile qb.  Jon clearly out-thought himself a few times today, but lets give some props:
Rookie QB
Amazingly young O in general
Lazy piece of Shat UT
Missed FG

And yet we won.  Details might not be the best but the overall is good.

Pole smoker  :o :-X   What a waste.....


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