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#30 : February 28, 2009, 12:37:25 PM


... you guys see a player highlight video, and are sold so easily?

Truth be told, his deep ball is Gradkowski awful.  If you watch any of his games last year, you'd realize Moss's frustration.  To remedy the problem, Belichick allowed him to throw almost exclusively underneath.

To put it into perspective...

Garcia's average completion traveled 3.9 yards through the air.  46% of his yardage was accumulated after the receiver had secured the pass.

Cassel's average completion traveled 3.1 yards through the air.  Nearly 60% of his yardage was accumulated post-catch.

That's why I feel Cassel will bust anywhere else.  He was throwing screens to Wes Welker and jump balls to Randy Moss the entire season.  What happens when he has to throw a screen to Dwayne Bowe, or a jump ball to Lee Evans?

Please don't compare Gradkowskis arm with Cassel's. This kid doesn't have a tremendous arm but it's better than what we've got and it's pretty accurate if you ask me. I won't even go into details with grads it's just not worth my time.


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#31 : February 28, 2009, 12:38:32 PM

cause i feel that we havent had a franchise qb in forever. y not take the risk?

If we acquire Matt Cassel, we lose a first and second round pick.  We're already out a second rounder.  It would set us back just like buying Jon Gruden did.

I'd much rather use a pick on Colt McCoy or Sam Bradford.  And hell, Cassel was Luke McCown last year.  You never know how a player will perform until he's given a decent chance.

were in the NFL and we all just witnessed the only team in history to be 9-3 and miss the playoffs that y.

I'm sure it had something to do with our defense giving up 189 rushing yards per game during the collapse, and not so much with our 20 points-per-game (average of 250 passing yards) offense during that stretch.

if he can handle a new england offense y couldnt he handle our offense.

Never said that he couldn't.

we have some weapons also, we have legitimately one of the best if not the best TE in the nfl.

Kellen Winslow is FAR from the best tight end in the NFL.  He has 11 touchdowns in 4 years (Gates had 13 in a single-season alone).  He's eclipsed 1000 yards once in his career (Gonzalez has three 1000-yard seasons in the last 5 years).

K2 is damn good, but not good enough to carry an offense to an elite level by himself.

we have a bonafide stud in AB.
this team manages to sign Washington or Housh.
i will hear by say we have a better offense then NE.

Have you lost your mind?  Last season (with the same players, + a hall-of-fame quarterback) New England scored 589 points (almost as much as we scored in 2007 and 2008) and 6580 yards.

You're saying that by adding Nate Washington (career-high 40 catches), we have a better offense than the Brady-Moss-Welker trinity that shattered NFL records two seasons ago?

And if i asked if u havent been waiting for a top tier offense in tampa and you say no.
because every single buccaneer fan has. y not take the opportunity and go after him.
you rather take the risk and stick with mccown and waste a first round pick on a guy that could bust like many of buccaneer draftees have.

And you would rather waste a first AND a second round pick on a guy who played "pretty good" with one of the greatest offensive threats in NFL history, accompanied by the most prolific yardage-gobbler of the 21st century, on an offense one season removed from the greatest production in league history?

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