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We're trying to win games here, stop complaining about playcalling.

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Alot of Buc fans right now are **CENSORED**ing about the 44 passes Gradkowski threw and the 19 carries that Cadillac had.

Look, I'm sure Gruden would have loved to have it be the other way around, but the game just happened to have shaped itself in that way. Be happy that we actually played as a cohesive unit and won a freakin game.

Also, give alot of credit to Bruce Gradkowski and how he has made this team so much better.

we should of ran more.. thats a  fact. 19 carries against a subpar team against the run isnt very smart football. We were never out of the game so theres its not like we needed multiple scores. The team played well, but cadillac only gets better in the 4th quarter.

Yes, I know that already. But God forbid Gruden show his confidence in Gradkowski by letting him try and win this game with his arm.

Im not doubting grads ability, im just saying we should of balanced out our attack more. Why not get our best offensive player some more touches?

They were selling out against the run. Even the worst defensive teams can stop the run with 8 and sometimes 9 guys in the box. The pass plays were there Grads just missed a few of them or this game might not have been so close.


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