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--- Quote from: bucs8ball on October 16, 2006, 12:26:15 AM ---I thought Hilliard did good. But, I'd still rather see Karl "the truth" Williams out there again.

--- End quote ---

I dont know, you could almost count on Karl winding up right on the 20.

Ike didn't look too bad out there today, with a 7.4yd average on 5 returns.  Compare to Mark Jones with a 8.4yd average on 13 returns this year.  Yet we are wasting a roster spot on Jones who can't contribute as a receiver.  Why not cut Jones and fill the roster spot with someone who can be more of a contributer?

I think we should dump Mark Jones as well, anyone on our team can return punts, and Mark Jones isn't any Dante Hall who is a special returner and can get great results with almost every return. Jones is just an average returner and isn't anything special. So I agree that we should dump him for somebody who could contribute more to the team.

it appears we will cut Jones, IMO, today was his last on the Bucs roster.

There isn't any other Dante Halls out there.  Jones still averages better than Hilliard and he is very sure handed.  He hasn't fumbled more than (2) times in his whole career with TB, NYG and back again with TB.  Not anyone can return punts on our team.  Preseason proved that and that is why Mark Jones is still with the team.


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