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#45 : March 25, 2009, 12:07:19 PM

Cleveland had a new coach and were going in a different direction so they were willing to deal Luke McCown on draft day. They needed stability at the position so they opted to go with Trent Dilfer and work on building other aspects of their team instead of throwing a young unproven guy into the fire.

I don't think it had anything to do with McCown lacking athleticism or potential.


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#46 : March 25, 2009, 01:02:43 PM

Cleveland let Jeff Garcia go as well. And Antonio Bryant. That 2004 squad was garbage.

I understand it was garbage and I agree with that, but.....  if McCown has those "athletic" skills and "potential" back then, why didn't Cleveland keep him as insurance?  I understand unloading but, you keep promise or potential, not unload all of your QB's.
Why did all 32 teams pass on Brady until the 6th round?  Why did they all pass on Cassell until the 7th?  Why did all teams pass on Romo through the entire draft?  It's because they didn't see the potential.  It doesn't mean that they were good talent evaluators. 


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#47 : March 25, 2009, 02:42:46 PM

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. Derek Anderson ignited Cinci once too. I dont think anyone will argue that the 04 Browns were turrible. I dont know why people are on such a quest to prove that McCown is good/awful. Lets just give him a couple starts and see what he can do with a full week of reps. Its gunna be interesting
I agree with this post. If he starts that is what will prove if he is good or not. His play on the field will prove if he is good or not.
I presonally want to see what J.J. can do but thats my opinion. I did not like what I did see(wich wasn't much) form luke. 


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#48 : March 25, 2009, 05:40:03 PM

until luke learns that there is No intentional grounding outside the tackle box mobility means zero

He has no anticipation with his throws so he has to see the open target before he throws which makes him hold the ball too long, an I am not sure that is something you can learn because it has to do with reflexes and reaction time more than experiance, if it was as easy as throwing the ball away when no one is open we would not have a problem, but when WR's are open or about to be open and he waits too long it shows up on tape, thus he never got a shot from Gruden, who could forgive a bad off target pass, but could not forgive hesitation leading to a sack and a missed chance at a  positive play.

Do you think maybe if he gets a chance to play more than 5 games with the starters, he won't improve?
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