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John Galt?

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#210 : May 16, 2009, 03:22:44 PM

LOL - she didn't win anything - getting one's way bc others don't want to be bothered by idiots is not winning - it is being ignored.

School realized she was right and let her wear the tux. The prom went off without a hitch. It's a simple case and eventually, a higher court will have to rule on it. Now, if this was 1950, it would be a different story.

No, the school didn't "realize" she was right

Let me rephrase. They let her wear the tux. IMO, I think they knew that if they HAD decided to ban the tux, they would have lost in court. I'm speculating but there IS precedent in Indiana for a female student to sue and win for the right to wear a tux. Plus, I think they wanted to avoid the circus of a court case, wasting taxpayer's money (with a case they had a good chance of losing) and realized that there was no harm in letting her wear a tux.


The principal supposedly told her the rules barred her from wearing the tux but that the school board was looking into it. So, while they were open to discussing it, the first response from the principal was negative.

Actually her first response was "no one has asked before...". A reasonable person might realize from the complete context that they aren't denying her anything but just CYAing themselves and that a little patience might be prudent. This girl doesn't sound like the prudent type.

She asked if she could wear a Tux, the SB said "we are NOT OPPOSED TO THE IDEA, but we need some time to deliberate."

School board, yes. Principal, no. Or so the story in the IndyStar says. But like I said, she probably jumped the gun. If you're a girl hoping to wear a tux to a future pron, you should hope that one of these cases goes to the SC so a definitive ruling can be handed down. I think most schools will give in before it reaches that point, but you never know.

Why would I hope one of these cases goes to the SCOTUS? I firmly believe one of the problems with our society is we are to quick to let courts and lawyers decide things for us rather than just using common sense and a little compassion. Would it be all that terrible if no one ever made unfair gender-based rules so that there was no need for a SCOTUS case?
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One more time, THE SCHOOL BOARD NEVER SAID NO TO HER REQUEST. There was NO need to get an atty. involved except for her pathological need for attention.

One more time, she was told no by the principal and the rules were explained to her. So there was a basis for her feeling like she was going to be banned from wearing the tux.

A reasonable person would not act that way when told "We are not opposed to it, but we won't make an immediate decision". If a salesman is told by a prospect "we need some time to think about it", should he hire an attorney and sue? Or maybe let them deliberate?

She didn't just "jump the gun", she actually prevented the school board from making the right decision by preemptively going sue-crazy.

She took preemptive action. She said she learned it from GWB. SNAP! Then that proves she was wrong.



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#211 : May 17, 2009, 05:20:47 PM



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#212 : May 17, 2009, 10:09:20 PM

Who is in arguing mode, again?  You're arguing with the girl who this thread is about.  It's about her "sexual identity."

Who cares which subject title the poster chose? It's not a gay/lesbian issue.

This issue is about the girl being gay and wanting to wear male clothes because she is gay, no matter how many times you think you saying otherwise is going to change that.

You are still right - maybe not as complete as some would want - as every possible tangent can be addressed - but right nonetheless.

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